TNA Genesis Results: Huge Match Announced, New Champion Crowned And More

We see Kurt Angle with a suitcase in the back asking where Dixie is.

Sabin is in the ring with Velvet Sky. He says that Sky is very selfish, and that he is her boyfriend and the X division champion. He says that he is not just the champion for him, but for us. He asks her why she is having secret conversations with Austin Aries. Aries comes down and says that he has a better title for him, worst boyfriend that ever lived. He says that he shouldn't worry about him stealing his girlfriend. He says some flattering things about Sky, but Sabin cuts him off and says that she is his and she does whatever he says.

Aries says that is the problem. She is just a pawn for him, and she needs to be what she is a hot piece of... Sabin cuts him off and says that she is his and he needs to watch his wordhole. Aries challenges Sabin to a match next week for the title, and he can't have Velvet's help. To ensure, that she is going to be ringside in a cage. Sabin laughs and says you think his girlfriend is going to be in a cage. Sky cuts him off and says she will do it. She is tired of this mess and she wants to see if she has a boyfriend that supports him. If he doesn't win next week, she might have to find someone else to spend her time with. She leaves the ring.

Kurt is still looking for Dixie backstage but he is having no luck.

We then go to the back and some guy is telling a cameraman to shoot everything. He sees Sam Shaw and tells him he does a good job. He says that he should not stare at Christy so much though, he should worry about his opponent. Shaw then turns around and beats the crap out of the guy.

We see EC3 talking to himself in the mirror. Magnus comes in and says that he sees a rookie who doubts himself. Magnus says that is alright, but he needs to believe in himself, and that maybe he can end up being a champion all by himself. EC3 says this isn't AJ Styles, this is Sting. MAgnus says he beat Sting at BFG, and that he held up his end of the deal, and it will be a real shame to see what happens to him if he doesn't fulfill his end.

Bully Ray comes down to the ring in sunglasses and a hoodie. Mr. Anderson runs down to the ring and nails him from behind and the fight is on.

No Disqualification Match: Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson

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We come back and Bully Ray and Anderson are brawling on the outside. Anderson bounces Bully's head off the announce table and gets in the ring. Anderson whips Bully into the ropes and gets a kick in the jaw. Anderson fights back and sort of hits a neckbreaker. He goes for the mic check, but Bully blocks it and they hit each other with clotheslines.

Bully goes to the outside and throws his chain into the ring. Both men grab steel chairs and square off. Anderson hits him in the gut with the chair and then the back. He runs in and tries to hit Ray, but Bully spears him. Bully gets his chain and starts whipping Anderson with it. He wraps it around his elbow and drops it on Anderson's sternum for a two count. Ray starts to bully the ref, but Anderson gets up and nails Bully with the chair for a two count.

Anderson goes to the outside and gets a guardrail. He puts it into the ring and goes to ram bully with it, but Bully kicks it right into his face. He scoop slams Anderson onto the rail and goes for the splash onto the rail, but Anderson rolls out of the way. Anderson goes to the top rope and misses with a senton. Anderson gets up and hits a mic check on Ray on the guardrail for a two count.

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