TNA Genesis Results: Huge Match Announced, New Champion Crowned And More

Anderson goes to the outside and gets a table. He puts it into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Bully gets a shot into his Anderson and climbs the top rope. Anderson cuts him off and picks him off the top and hits a punning steamroller through the table for a two count.

Anderson goes to the outside and gets a second table. Anderson sets it up in the ring and goes over to Bully. Bully hits a uranage slam on Anderson for a two count. Bully goes back under the ring and grabs some lighter fluid. He gets back into the ring and taunts Anderson saying that this is for his wife and his two bastard children. Anderson snaps up and hits the mic check. Anderson gets the lighter fluid and pours it onto the table.

Anderson pulls a lighter out of nowhere and is about to light the table, but Bully hits a low blow and then connects on a piledriver for the three count.

Winner: Bully Ray

Bully walks to the back and Anderson lays motionless in the ring.

Angle is shown in the back and he found Al Snow. Angle starts choking Snow and asks him what was last week all about. Snow says he has a family to feed, but Angle demands to know who told him to do it, but punches Snow before he can say anything and storms away.

Coming back from commercial, Angle comes down to the ring. Angle says that Dixie Carter was the reason he came to TNA seven years ago. Not only did he mess with him last week, but he messed with his family. He wants some answers, and he isn't going anywhere till he gets some. Dixie comes down and says that Kurt needs to realize that there is a lot going on here, and this is not seven years ago. Angle says that the Dixie Carter he knew 7 years ago doesn't exist. Faking an emergency to get him out of the building?

Dixie says she was trying to protect his family. Getting out of the building was her way of making sure he doesn't do anything dumb. He calls Dixie crazy. Dixie says that they both need her help, and if Angle came out and helped Aj last week, he would have gotten hurt. She says he is to dumb to make this decision, and that she did what was best for him. Angle says he isn't on her team, because after he kicks Roode's ass tonight, he will be out here for the main event to help Sting.

Dixie says that he isn't stable tonight, so she is going to postpone the match. She says that if anyone interferes in the match with sTing and EC3, they will suffer the consequences. Angle says that if he wants to fire him, then fire him. Dixie says that she has to protect him again and calls security down to escort him out of the building. Security comes down and begins arguning with Kurt. Roode comes in from behind and lays out Angle and hits his finisher, the Roode Bomb, and lays Kurt out. Dixie then has security take Angle away.

JB is talking to Madison Rayne. Before she says anything, Tapa and Kim attack her and Gail says she will see her out there.

We see Earl Hebner talking to Dixie. Dixie stops him from going to the ring and says that after last week, he isn't going to ref the main event. She says someone else will and sends Hebner away.

Madison Rayne comes down for her title match. She is obviously hurt and clutching her ribs. Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa come down after her.

Knockouts Championship Match: Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne

Gail hits kitchen sink on Madison and goes to work. She hits a running clothesline for a two count. Gail goes for a scoop slam, but Madison slips out and gets a two count. A victory roll gets her another two, and she hits some weird, leg facebuster thing that is really hot. Gail cuts her off with a chop block and beats her into the corner. Madison fights out and fights a flying clothesline, but Gail beats her down again and locks in a body scissors.

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