TNA Genesis Results: Huge Match Announced, New Champion Crowned And More

Madison makes it to the ropes and is able to knock Kim to the outside. Madison throws her back in, but Tapa starts to choke Rayne on the outside. Amazingly, this does not lead to a DQ, but the ref does send Tapa to the back. Gail takes advantage and uses the pole-aided figure four. Gail taunts in the ring, but hits a facebuster. Madison hits a neckbreaker and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

Rayne celebrates in teh ring and we go to Sting. Sting says that there is a lot of men in the back who want to help him, but don't worry about it, tonight it is all about him getting his hands on EC3 and we go to ads.

We come back and we get a video package talking about a New ERA in TNA, with new storylines and new wrestlers. The slogan is "A Real New Era Begins."

Dixie is shown in the back talking to the American Wolves. She says that they have a tryout match, and if they impress her, they might get a contract. Eddie Edwards says that they already have a contract, and that "they said you would act like this." They had her an envelope and leave. Dixie opens it and says that there is a new TNA investor.

EC3 comes out for his match against Sting. Tenay says that this is easily his toughest match he has had yet. Sting comes out to a big pop. Taz and Tenay talk about how they still don't know who the referee is. Rockstar comes out in a referee shirt and it looks like he is going to be the special guest referee.

Sting vs Ethan Carter III

The bell rings and EC3 and Sting stare at each other. Sting rips off Spud's scarf and they lock up. Sting backs him into the corner, but Spud backs him off EC3. They lock up again, and again Spud backs him up. Sting starts to argue with Spud and EC3 hits him from behind. EC3 hits a suplex and they battle to the outside. Sting throws EC3 into the steps and beats on him on the outside/ Sting hits a vertical suplex on the ramp and rolls EC3 back into the ring.

Sting goes for the Stinger splash, but Spud stops him and again EC3 comes in and beats him down. He hits some boots in the corner and charges in and hits a clothesline and then a back suplex. EC3 taunts Sting and climbs the second rope. He misses a flying elbow and Sting hits some clotheslines and hits the stinger splash. He locks in the scorpion deathlock. EC3 teases tappping, but Spud hops on Stings back. Sting uses Spud to knock down EC3 and hits the scorpion deathdrop and goes for the cover, but Spud refuses to count.

Sting grabs his hand and starts to force him to count, but Magnus comes down and pulls him out of the ring. Magnus takes off his jacket to reveal on referee shirt, and EC3 rolls Sting up. Magnus gets in the ring and quick counts Sting.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Sting grabs a mic and says that he will do anything to fight Magnus. Magnus starts heading towards the ring and we go to ads.

We come back and Magnus is still on the ramp. Sting says that this isn't about EC3 and Sting, Dixie or Sting, but about Magnus and Sting. Sting says that he chose him to be in the MEM, but he has disgraced Hardy, AJ Styles, and the entire TNA roster. Sting says that Magnus is a cancer, and he just wants one match for the title.

Magnus says that STing lost the right to challenge for the world title, and that he doesn't owe Sting anything. Sting says that Magnus wants to be the king of the jungle, and that he wants to be a champion. Sting says something weird about men and boys, and that boys wear belts. Magnus walks into the ring and says that he sees that STing is trying to reverse psychology Magnus into getting a title shot. Magnus says that he is willing to make him a deal. He says that Dixie is considering extending his contract, so he has an idea, a title shot for Sting, but if he loses, he doesn't get his contract extended. Sting agrees to the terms and Magnus says that he can't wait to tear up that contract and his career right in front of his stupid, painted face. They stare at each other and Magnus backs away and out of the ring. Sting's music plays and Tenay announces that the match is going to be next week as Impact goes off the air.

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