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Genesis opens with Taz and Tenay talking from the booth. They say that tonight's episode being dedicated to Mae Young. Taz has some nice things to say about Young and then we go to a recap of Dixie Carter and Magnus taking control of TNA. We see Magnus retaining his championship against AJ Styles from last week.

We go to a live shot of the crowd and Spud is in the ring. He tries to introduce himself but the boos are too loud. He asks if he can have some decorum. He says that tonight is going to be the biggest night in all of pro wrestling. He says this is special because nothing big happens in Huntsville. He says that he is introducing the woman who promised to deliver a world champion to TNA, and she did, Madame Dixie Carter.

Dixie comes down and says that they have all seen what it is like when you cross the boss. First Jeff Hardy, now AJ Styles, who is next? She says that if someone is game to challenge her, she is ready to play. She says that she warned AJ not to mess with her, that she is the owner of her company, and every single time he tried to go above the law, no matter how many times she asked him nicely, he just couldn't do it. The redneck in him had to rear its ugly head and disrespect her? And where did that get him? Back to the beginning of his career. And tonight is a new chapter for the company.

She says tonight is about an individual who has earned the respect and honor of everybody, and this man represents every thing about her company. He is the Undisputed champion of her company, and he is Magnus. Magnus comes down with both title belts. He says that this is their champion speaking on a historic night here in Huntsville, a night when they can finally say that we have left petty buisness in the rear view mirror. Out with the old and in with the new, the reign of Magnus. He says that he is wearing two belts, because one is for him and one is for Dixie. He says that all of this is because of her, and that she is a champion to everyone in the industry, and all the fans. He presents the title to her.

Dixie says she is almost at a loss for words, and she says that she is deserving of this honor, and that he is the real world champion. She says that now they have to bring out some people who showed tremendous loyalty to this company. All the heels who interfered last week come out to the ring. Dixie says that all of them went above and beyond the call of duty last week, especially Bobby Roode. She says that she is so proud of all of them, and they are going to benefit greatly, as they will see in their next paycheck.

She says that tonight is the Genesis of a new TNA, a Dixie Carter TNA, but for that to happen, they all need to stand tall as a company, united as one. This is their first chance to have that in TNA. She says to have that, her nephew has to take out the one man left standing, the Icon Sting. She introduces EC3 to the ring and he comes down.

Ethan Carter III comes down and kisses Dixie. He is about to speak but the lights go out and Sting's music plays. Sting is shown in the stands away from the ring with a baseball bat in his hands and we go to commercial.

We come back and Sting hasn't gotten any closer to the ring. He mockingly asks if this is the future? He says there are a bunch of people in the back that couldn't be bought, because they had honor. He says that it is really bad when you mess with the wrestlers, but when you mess with wrestlers families, you crossed the line. Now she has that paper champion next to her. They took him into MEM, because they believed in him. But they had no idea that he would sell them out like that. He says that this is not a house united, it is a house divided, and a house divided can't stand. He says that before this all comes toppiling down, WE are going to fight tonight.

Dixie asks who is we, as she only sees him. He says that she needs to take a look around this building, and we are going to fight and take back what is ours. A bunch of faces come down the ramp and brawl with the heels. The faces clear the ring and Sting enters it. EC3 is left standing and Sting threatens him with the bat and he hits EC3 in the gut with the bat and then we suddenly cut to ads.

We come back and the faces have cleared the ring. Joe screams something into the mic and says that tonight they came here into getting into a fight, and they are not leaving until they get into one. Spud drags Brian Hebner out and says that he should be careful what they wish for. They are going to have a 12 man tag match right now. Everyone starts brawling everywhere and Ion and Joe get in the ring.

Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, Gunner, James Storm and ODB vs Lei'd Tapa, Bad Influence, and The Bromans

Joe knocks Ion down with a big shoulder tackle and lights him up in the corner. He whips him into the buckle and dodges a cross body. Joe hits a lateral senton and then an enzughiri. Tapa nad ODB get in the the ring and trade blows. ODB knocks Tapa to the outside and Storm and Daniels go at it. Storm hits a lariat and then a hip toss. He clotheslines Daniels out to the outside, but Kaz hits a dropkick on STorm. Gunner comes in and press slams him to the outside. Robbie E and EY come in and EY hits a flying forearm smash, but Jesse hits him.

Joesph Park comes in and him and EY clean house. Park hits a big splash and EY goes to the top, but Robbie pushes him off and the BroMans hit a double flapjack on EY. Ion hits a springboard moonsault on Park. ODB comes in and hits a fallaway slam on Ion and then Tapa comes in and just runs over ODB.

EY is back in with Daniels and Daniels hits a heel kick for a two count. He locks in a rear chinlock and EY gets up and elbows his way out. They trade blows and Daniels dumps him in the corner. EY dodges a splash and hits a belly to belly suplex. EY makes the tag to Joe and Joe comes in and hits two clotheslines and an inverted atomic drop and then a boot/senton combo. Kaz comes in and eats a snap powerlsam. Joe then hits a suicide dive onto the BroMans.

Park is in the ring and Kaz hits a dropkick to the face. Park starts bleeding from his mouth and PArk stars cleaning house. He hits a chokeslam on Daniels and the black hole slam on Kaz. Storm and Gunner come in, but Abyss clotheslines both of them. Joe comes in and hits a uranage slam on Daniels and then locks in the rear naked choke and Daniels taps.

Winners: Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, Gunner, James Storm and ODB

Velvet Sky is in the back talking to Aries asking what she should do. Aries says he has her and leaves. Sabin comes in and asks what is going on, but Sky says she doesn't want to talk about. Sabin says we are going to talk about it, right now in front of everyone

We see Kurt Angle with a suitcase in the back asking where Dixie is.

Sabin is in the ring with Velvet Sky. He says that Sky is very selfish, and that he is her boyfriend and the X division champion. He says that he is not just the champion for him, but for us. He asks her why she is having secret conversations with Austin Aries. Aries comes down and says that he has a better title for him, worst boyfriend that ever lived. He says that he shouldn't worry about him stealing his girlfriend. He says some flattering things about Sky, but Sabin cuts him off and says that she is his and she does whatever he says.

Aries says that is the problem. She is just a pawn for him, and she needs to be what she is a hot piece of... Sabin cuts him off and says that she is his and he needs to watch his wordhole. Aries challenges Sabin to a match next week for the title, and he can't have Velvet's help. To ensure, that she is going to be ringside in a cage. Sabin laughs and says you think his girlfriend is going to be in a cage. Sky cuts him off and says she will do it. She is tired of this mess and she wants to see if she has a boyfriend that supports him. If he doesn't win next week, she might have to find someone else to spend her time with. She leaves the ring.

Kurt is still looking for Dixie backstage but he is having no luck.

We then go to the back and some guy is telling a cameraman to shoot everything. He sees Sam Shaw and tells him he does a good job. He says that he should not stare at Christy so much though, he should worry about his opponent. Shaw then turns around and beats the crap out of the guy.

We see EC3 talking to himself in the mirror. Magnus comes in and says that he sees a rookie who doubts himself. Magnus says that is alright, but he needs to believe in himself, and that maybe he can end up being a champion all by himself. EC3 says this isn't AJ Styles, this is Sting. MAgnus says he beat Sting at BFG, and that he held up his end of the deal, and it will be a real shame to see what happens to him if he doesn't fulfill his end.

Bully Ray comes down to the ring in sunglasses and a hoodie. Mr. Anderson runs down to the ring and nails him from behind and the fight is on.

No Disqualification Match: Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson

We immediately go to ads.

We come back and Bully Ray and Anderson are brawling on the outside. Anderson bounces Bully's head off the announce table and gets in the ring. Anderson whips Bully into the ropes and gets a kick in the jaw. Anderson fights back and sort of hits a neckbreaker. He goes for the mic check, but Bully blocks it and they hit each other with clotheslines.

Bully goes to the outside and throws his chain into the ring. Both men grab steel chairs and square off. Anderson hits him in the gut with the chair and then the back. He runs in and tries to hit Ray, but Bully spears him. Bully gets his chain and starts whipping Anderson with it. He wraps it around his elbow and drops it on Anderson's sternum for a two count. Ray starts to bully the ref, but Anderson gets up and nails Bully with the chair for a two count.

Anderson goes to the outside and gets a guardrail. He puts it into the ring and goes to ram bully with it, but Bully kicks it right into his face. He scoop slams Anderson onto the rail and goes for the splash onto the rail, but Anderson rolls out of the way. Anderson goes to the top rope and misses with a senton. Anderson gets up and hits a mic check on Ray on the guardrail for a two count.

Anderson goes to the outside and gets a table. He puts it into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Bully gets a shot into his Anderson and climbs the top rope. Anderson cuts him off and picks him off the top and hits a punning steamroller through the table for a two count.

Anderson goes to the outside and gets a second table. Anderson sets it up in the ring and goes over to Bully. Bully hits a uranage slam on Anderson for a two count. Bully goes back under the ring and grabs some lighter fluid. He gets back into the ring and taunts Anderson saying that this is for his wife and his two bastard children. Anderson snaps up and hits the mic check. Anderson gets the lighter fluid and pours it onto the table.

Anderson pulls a lighter out of nowhere and is about to light the table, but Bully hits a low blow and then connects on a piledriver for the three count.

Winner: Bully Ray

Bully walks to the back and Anderson lays motionless in the ring.

Angle is shown in the back and he found Al Snow. Angle starts choking Snow and asks him what was last week all about. Snow says he has a family to feed, but Angle demands to know who told him to do it, but punches Snow before he can say anything and storms away.

Coming back from commercial, Angle comes down to the ring. Angle says that Dixie Carter was the reason he came to TNA seven years ago. Not only did he mess with him last week, but he messed with his family. He wants some answers, and he isn't going anywhere till he gets some. Dixie comes down and says that Kurt needs to realize that there is a lot going on here, and this is not seven years ago. Angle says that the Dixie Carter he knew 7 years ago doesn't exist. Faking an emergency to get him out of the building?

Dixie says she was trying to protect his family. Getting out of the building was her way of making sure he doesn't do anything dumb. He calls Dixie crazy. Dixie says that they both need her help, and if Angle came out and helped Aj last week, he would have gotten hurt. She says he is to dumb to make this decision, and that she did what was best for him. Angle says he isn't on her team, because after he kicks Roode's ass tonight, he will be out here for the main event to help Sting.

Dixie says that he isn't stable tonight, so she is going to postpone the match. She says that if anyone interferes in the match with sTing and EC3, they will suffer the consequences. Angle says that if he wants to fire him, then fire him. Dixie says that she has to protect him again and calls security down to escort him out of the building. Security comes down and begins arguning with Kurt. Roode comes in from behind and lays out Angle and hits his finisher, the Roode Bomb, and lays Kurt out. Dixie then has security take Angle away.

JB is talking to Madison Rayne. Before she says anything, Tapa and Kim attack her and Gail says she will see her out there.

We see Earl Hebner talking to Dixie. Dixie stops him from going to the ring and says that after last week, he isn't going to ref the main event. She says someone else will and sends Hebner away.

Madison Rayne comes down for her title match. She is obviously hurt and clutching her ribs. Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa come down after her.

Knockouts Championship Match: Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne

Gail hits kitchen sink on Madison and goes to work. She hits a running clothesline for a two count. Gail goes for a scoop slam, but Madison slips out and gets a two count. A victory roll gets her another two, and she hits some weird, leg facebuster thing that is really hot. Gail cuts her off with a chop block and beats her into the corner. Madison fights out and fights a flying clothesline, but Gail beats her down again and locks in a body scissors.

Madison makes it to the ropes and is able to knock Kim to the outside. Madison throws her back in, but Tapa starts to choke Rayne on the outside. Amazingly, this does not lead to a DQ, but the ref does send Tapa to the back. Gail takes advantage and uses the pole-aided figure four. Gail taunts in the ring, but hits a facebuster. Madison hits a neckbreaker and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

Rayne celebrates in teh ring and we go to Sting. Sting says that there is a lot of men in the back who want to help him, but don't worry about it, tonight it is all about him getting his hands on EC3 and we go to ads.

We come back and we get a video package talking about a New ERA in TNA, with new storylines and new wrestlers. The slogan is "A Real New Era Begins."

Dixie is shown in the back talking to the American Wolves. She says that they have a tryout match, and if they impress her, they might get a contract. Eddie Edwards says that they already have a contract, and that "they said you would act like this." They had her an envelope and leave. Dixie opens it and says that there is a new TNA investor.

EC3 comes out for his match against Sting. Tenay says that this is easily his toughest match he has had yet. Sting comes out to a big pop. Taz and Tenay talk about how they still don't know who the referee is. Rockstar comes out in a referee shirt and it looks like he is going to be the special guest referee.

Sting vs Ethan Carter III

The bell rings and EC3 and Sting stare at each other. Sting rips off Spud's scarf and they lock up. Sting backs him into the corner, but Spud backs him off EC3. They lock up again, and again Spud backs him up. Sting starts to argue with Spud and EC3 hits him from behind. EC3 hits a suplex and they battle to the outside. Sting throws EC3 into the steps and beats on him on the outside/ Sting hits a vertical suplex on the ramp and rolls EC3 back into the ring.

Sting goes for the Stinger splash, but Spud stops him and again EC3 comes in and beats him down. He hits some boots in the corner and charges in and hits a clothesline and then a back suplex. EC3 taunts Sting and climbs the second rope. He misses a flying elbow and Sting hits some clotheslines and hits the stinger splash. He locks in the scorpion deathlock. EC3 teases tappping, but Spud hops on Stings back. Sting uses Spud to knock down EC3 and hits the scorpion deathdrop and goes for the cover, but Spud refuses to count.

Sting grabs his hand and starts to force him to count, but Magnus comes down and pulls him out of the ring. Magnus takes off his jacket to reveal on referee shirt, and EC3 rolls Sting up. Magnus gets in the ring and quick counts Sting.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Sting grabs a mic and says that he will do anything to fight Magnus. Magnus starts heading towards the ring and we go to ads.

We come back and Magnus is still on the ramp. Sting says that this isn't about EC3 and Sting, Dixie or Sting, but about Magnus and Sting. Sting says that he chose him to be in the MEM, but he has disgraced Hardy, AJ Styles, and the entire TNA roster. Sting says that Magnus is a cancer, and he just wants one match for the title.

Magnus says that STing lost the right to challenge for the world title, and that he doesn't owe Sting anything. Sting says that Magnus wants to be the king of the jungle, and that he wants to be a champion. Sting says something weird about men and boys, and that boys wear belts. Magnus walks into the ring and says that he sees that STing is trying to reverse psychology Magnus into getting a title shot. Magnus says that he is willing to make him a deal. He says that Dixie is considering extending his contract, so he has an idea, a title shot for Sting, but if he loses, he doesn't get his contract extended. Sting agrees to the terms and Magnus says that he can't wait to tear up that contract and his career right in front of his stupid, painted face. They stare at each other and Magnus backs away and out of the ring. Sting's music plays and Tenay announces that the match is going to be next week as Impact goes off the air.

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