WWE Smackdown Recap: Cody And Goldust Vs. Outlaws, Punk Calls Out Shield And Outlaws, More

Next, Renee Young is backstage with CM Punk. She says that now she hears Punk wants to call out the New Age Outlaws. She asks whom he's calling out, and he says he's calling out both the Shield and the Outlaws. She asks if it's career suicide and he says no, it's a gift.

Back from commercial and the Bella Twins announce Big E. Langston vs. Fandango.

Big E. Langston vs. Fandango

Fandango knees Langston in the stomach. Langston hits a backbreaker. Fandango goes outside for a breather. Fandango rolls back inside and strikes and kicks Langston. Langston lands a shoulder tackle. He spears Fandango in the corner. Langston charges again, and Fandango puts his knees up. He sends Langston out of the ring and pulls his arm into the post. Fandango tosses Langston into the barrier. He sends Langston back in the ring. Fandango drops knees on Langston's arm. He locks Langston's arm in. Langston gets out. Fandango hits a dropkick. He locks Langston's arm back in. Langston fights out again and tosses Fandango outside. Fandango rolls back in, and Langston hits clotheslines. He hits Fandango with a belly-to-belly Suplex and a running splash. Langston picks Fandango up for the big ending. Fandango gets out and leaps off the top rope. Langston hits Fandango in the mid section in mid air, and follows up with a running body block. Langston hits the big ending for the win.

Winner: Big E. Langston

Then, the Ultimate Warrior's Hall of Fame video is shown, and things go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and the Shield is backstage with Renee Young. Young asks about their plan to remain as a unit in the Royal Rumble match. Ambrose says the real question is how everyone else will be against them. He says they're all on the same page. Young asks Ambrose if it came down to it, would he toss Rollins over the top rope. They all start arguing about how they'd eliminate each other if it comes down to it. Then, Reigns says that one of them is winning the Rumble, but they'll still be a unit afterwards.

Next, the WWE Network is recapped. Then, Aksana announces the Usos vs. The Real Americans after the commercial break.

Back from commercial, and footage from Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston from RAW is shown.

The Usos vs. The Real Americans

Cesaro and Swagger bring Colter down to the ring in a wheelchair and a neck brace because of Big Show's attack on him on Monday. Colter picks up a mic and says it's not funny. He's in pain because of a bully named the Big Show. He hopes Brock Lesnar treats him the same way he treated him.

Swagger and Jimmy start off. Swagger takes him to his corner. Cesaro tags in and rams his shoulder into Jimmy's gut. Swagger tags back in and knees Jimmy in the gut. Cesaro tags back in. He kicks Jimmy in the stomach. Swagger tags in. Jimmy fights back, but Swagger is able to put him down long enough for Cesaro to tag in. He gets a cover attempt on Jimmy. Cesaro hits multiple strikes and uppercuts in the corner. He kicks Jimmy as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Cesaro is in control of Jimmy. He hits Jimmy with the Cesaro Swing. Swagger tags in. He slams Jimmy to the mat with a belly-to-belly Suplex. Swagger locks in Jimmy's head and arm. He knees Jimmy in the gut. Jimmy fights out and kicks Swagger in the face. He hits Cesaro off the apron and goes up top. He leaps off and takes Swagger out. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey takes it to Swagger. He hits Swagger with a flying shoulder tackle and the corner hip attack. Jey goes for a super kick, but Swagger catches his foot. Jey hits a Samoan drop. Cesaro breaks up the pin attempt. Cesaro kicks Jimmy off the apron, and Jey knocks Cesaro to the outside. Swagger locks Jey in the Patriot lock. Jimmy Superkicks Swagger to break the hold.

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