Austin Aries Talks Hulk Hogan, If AJ Styles Will Return, WWE Network, His Dream Opponent, More

Source: The Sports Courier

Dream opponent: "Oh, man. There's a long list. I can never narrow it down to one. You can talk about guys I grew up watching who I would have loved to get into the ring with. I always told Hulk if you got one more in you, I'll make you look great. [laughter] I would have loved to get in there with Eddie Guerrero and had that opportunity, or even to team with him would have been awesome. I love tag wrestling and I think that's an art all and of itself. It's a whole different dynamic. Yeah, I don't even want to name one because I'd be leaving out a hundred others. I always usually answer this question with whoever I'd be facing, I just want Bobby Heenan in my corner as my manager because then I'm doing alright."

Hulk Hogan giving him an endorsement: "You take everything with a grain of salt with the Hulkster. I've had a chance to get to know him a little bit and chat with him. The one thing about the Hulk is that he loves wrestling. He's dedicated his whole life to it, but even at this point in his career, after everything he's done, everywhere he's been, and the things he's seen, he still watches. He watches as a fan, and that's pretty cool, I think, to still have that part of wrestling in you after all that time.

"So yeah, your seven year old self is sitting there kind of going really? Hulk Hogan's raising your arm and telling everybody how great you are. If I would have told me seven year old self that, he would have called bulls***. It was obviously, getting to work with guys like Hulk Hogan, getting in the ring and wrestling with Sting, those are some things that I'll always remember. Kurt Angle, another guy, pleasure to get in there with because, you know, Kurt Angle's still a guy that's a test. You have to get in there and you have to bring your A game. Luckily for me, I have an A double game."

Does he think AJ Styles will return: "From a wrestling standpoint, I'd love to have a guy like AJ Styles within the company to wrestle. I think the fans would, too. There was a tease of what could have been, but I don't think anybody saw what me and AJ Styles could do in there. On a personal level, I want AJ Styles to do whatever is best for him and his family, and if that's coming back to TNA that would be awesome. If that's working elsewhere, I completely understand that. If that will happen, I have no idea. I guess we'll find out. We all have to stay tuned and see what happens."

You can check out the whole interview above.

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