SmackDown Review: Punk Vs. Kane In The Near Future? Sound Off With Your Thoughts

This episode of SmackDown hailed from Worcester, MA, and was mainly centered around the New Age Outlaws turning on CM Punk during their match on Raw against the Shield. CM Punk vowed to set things straight with the five men. However, he was not expecting a sixth to be involved in the fray, as he became a victim of a chokeslam from Kane after insulting his position as Director of Operations.

Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs. New Age Outlaws
The type of finish was expected in this match, with Vickie Guerrero making an impromptu announcement to distract Cody Rhodes. It is all but confirmed that we are going to see the New Age Outlaws attempt to become tag team champions again, and them being champions and a part of the authority may create an interesting twist. However, the New Age Outlaws should not be champions again, even for short storyline purposes.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
A Rey Mysterio win was expected, seeing how Alberto Del Rio picked up the win on Raw. A post-match attack was also expected, seeing how WWE somehow thinks Alberto Del Rio is the right pick to have some kind of angle with Batista. Hopefully, this leads to some squash outcome, because I would venture to say that the majority of the WWE Universe would not want to see Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio at Elimination Chamber or WrestleMania. Realistically, a rubber match between Mysterio and Del Rio happens on Raw, ADR wins, which leads to the scheduled Batista appearance.

Naomi vs. Tamina Snuka
Good showing by Naomi, here. Hopefully, the WWE gives her an opportunity at being the top Diva, seeing how she has proven many times that she can put on a good match. I certainly would not be opposed to an AJ Lee vs. Naomi match at WrestleMania, with enough time in between to build a good storyline.

Big E. Langston vs. Fandango
Another good exhibition in the midcard department, but I am surprised that there is no Intercontinental Title match being built for the Royal Rumble pay -per-view. It would be hard to convince anyone that Big E. has even a small chance of winning the event and headlining WrestleMania 30, so the better option would be to continue to showcase him, but on a bigger stage than Raw or SmackDown.

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