As noted last week, TNA has started making changes to their office in Nashville. Tommy Dreamer, who has been talking with TNA since last fall, was hired as a senior agent. Bully Ray and Taz had a lot of influence in getting the deal with Dreamer done.

TNA Executive Vice President of Television Production John Gaburick has a great relationship with Taz and Bully stemming from their time at WWE, and appreciates their feedback on the product and what independent wrestlers they might want to sign. Taz and Bully are also unofficially helping with booking at TV tapings. Dreamer has already hinted that he would be happy to help TNA with anything they want to get him involved with, but for now he is just doing agent work. He does not plan on wrestling regularly for TNA.

TNA's creative team consists of head writer David Lagana with Matt Conway working under him. Both report to Gaburick, who plays a big part in what airs on Impact each week.

Lagana recently sent feelers out to both WWE and Ring of Honor, hinting that he could be available to work for either group as early as this spring. There is interest from both companies, especially now that WWE is starting their own network. Lagana has over 15 years of producing TV under his belt and is well liked within the company. Prior to TNA, Lagana worked for ROH, so a return is a no brainer to most internally.

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