- Check out UFC on FOX 10: Road to the Octagon above; the event will take place on January 25 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

- Weeks of internet back and forth between Tim Kennedy and Michael Bisping looks to have led to a fight booking. According to Fox Sports, Bisping and Kennedy have verbally agreed to face one another at the finale for The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Team Canada vs. Team Australia, which is expected to take place on April 16 in Canada. Bout agreements have yet to be signed.

The fight coming to fruition will depend on Bisping's recovery from a detached retina he suffered several months ago that has kept him on the sidelines.

- Bellator moneyweight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and World Series of Fighting light heavyweight Tyrone Spong got into a heated exchange over Twitter recently, all because of a fairly innocuous Tweet from Spong. The entire exchange is below:

Spong: Yo @Rampage4real I just resigned with @MMAWorldSeries so have your BOSS make this fight happen! @MMAWorldSeries VS @BellatorMMA

Jackson: @Tyrone_spong bro I hear u getting loud over there,u keep calling me out and u r not even n Bellator. Come over or shut the f*** up!

Spong: @Rampage4real I didn't disrespect you in anyway, it's what the fans want, but u cuss me again I will sort it out!

Jackson: @Tyrone_spong never said YOU dissed me! But I'll b happy 2 f*** u up if u ever come 2 Bellator,but until then stfu! #newbie

Spong: Newbie?? I probably got triple your fights even if it's not in mma, anyways ask your BOSS polite to sign and make it happen @Rampage4real

Jackson: @Tyrone_spong dude I saw your MMA fight pimp. U suck! Good at kick boxing tho. I give u that.. U haven't fought anybody n MMA yet.

Jackson: @Tyrone_spong u r just like any other fame hungry newbie trying 2 make your name off a old wolf,but I will still f*** u up at my old age!boy

Spong: @Rampage4real No need to talk tough cuz we both know you not really about it! Your boss no's how to sort it out so it can happen!

Jackson: @Tyrone_spong dude f*** all this twitter talk. I got no boss b**** boy,follow me so I can give u my number! We can meet anywhere!

Spong: @Rampage4real I seen u fight many mma fights and u suck! So with that said y dont show how it's done! Yo feelin's gettin hurt,huh?!

Jackson: @Tyrone_spong if u think I suck y u trying 2 call me out then? B a man call out somebody that u think is good? Sounds like u r a coward!

Spong: @Rampage4real get fame off you? I have triple your fights and highlights than you have! Maybe you should do some research!

Jackson: @Tyrone_spong dude u got 17,000 fans! This is my last tweet 2 u,told u 2 DM me 4 my number. U a joke boy. I'm old n washed up n still better

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