TonyPizzaGuy interviewed AJ Styles for the OMG Wrestling Podcast, which you can watch above (the AJ interview starts at 18:00 mark). Here are some highlights:

- He had the a great time working "5 whole matches" for WCW in 2001. When WWE purchased WCW, he figured he wasn't going to get signed since he wasn't with WCW for very long. Visit Wrestling Inc.John Laurinaitis then called Styles and let him know that he wasn't going to be signed.

- He noted the hard style that he and Jeff Jarrett worked during the early years of TNA, and said that he healed faster back then. He doesn't think he can work that hard of a style now at the age of 36, and he's smarter now.

- About his TNA departure, he said that TNA had to do what was best for them, and he had to do what was best for himself. He saw an opportunity to take a break from TNA and venture out, so he did. They couldn't come to an agreement, and he had to come to a decision to make money for his family and he couldn't wait on them.

- He said that while he left the door open for a return, TNA might have some hard feelings because they thought he was ready to sign, and then he told them that he was going to ROH. Styles noted that he was never ready to sign and that there were a lot of things that he needed to work out. Visit Wrestling Inc.He said that they're still trying to work things out, but stated once again that he couldn't wait for them.

- Styles said that he loves being back on the independent circuit and that he's having fun. He said that while it's scary to not be receiving a regular paycheck like he was in TNA, he was confident that he could get a lot of indy bookings.

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