Jim Cornette Speaks Out On Triple H, Vince Russo, The State Of TNA, Owen Hart & British Bulldog

"In TNA when he didn't have Vince McMahon to edit him and calm him down, it was even worse. That was when you would see those Impact's, where people would be screaming at each other and then it would go to people brawling in the arena, to people brawling backstage by the dressing room trailers, to women brawling in the [email protected]*cking bathroom, to more people screaming at each other and by the end of the show, you didn't know what the [email protected]*ck had gone on and you didn't care about anybody. That was the problem, Russo remembered all the highlights, in his little pea brain that he had seen growing up in wrestling, but he didn't understand how they were done, why they were done, how they were led up to and how they were followed up on. So, as a result, all you got was the trailer for the movie. You can make a really good one minute trailer out of a really stinky two hour movie.that's been proven. But he didn't know how to write the movie, he only knew how to write the trailer and that was his biggest problem. So, Russo pretty much had a cup of coffee in the WWF, where he had a few good ideas and took credit for everything else. He then followed that up by bankrupting the most well-funded wrestling company in the history of the world and then he destroys Vince McMahon's only competition to the point that a lot of people in TNA at points in time thought that Vince McMahon was still paying Vince Russo to not come back to the WWF."

Working alongside and constantly being ribbed by Owen Hart and the British Bulldog:

"You know Owen and Davey together, Davey Boy Smith, they were like two children. They just had to top each other. We would be doing promos, we would be standing there in front of the camera and all of a sudden I'd look to the left of me and Owen all of a sudden was two inches taller than both me and Davey, and we were all sort of the same height. You would look down and he would be standing on a roll of duct tape. Then you look over and Bulldog would be about three inches taller and he'd be standing on a box. Then I'd look down because I'd feel something and while we were standing there staying concentrated on the camera, Owen had one of those spray bottles and he would spray the front of my pants, so it would look like I had pissed myself on camera. If Owen or Davey, either one if they came to you and gave you a million dollars, you'd be looking for the printing press. It had to be a rib. It got to the point where they ribbed so much, that nobody would believe anything."

Jokes about the current state of TNA Wrestling:

"You know they are changing their website, you haven't heard about this? You haven't heard about TNA changing their website? Instead of TNAWrestling.com it is going to be TNAWrestling.org because it's a non-profit organization. Actually they have come up with a new strategy for 2014, Dixie keeps teasing these big, major ideas. She finally hit on a genius idea that I think is going to turn TNA around in 2014. Starting on the first, they are going to let all of the fans in the shows for free and charge them to get out."

A memorable WCW booking meeting run by Jim Herd:

"The best stupid idea that Jim Herd had, there is so many of them that we could go on and on, but the best one I ever heard was when he wanted to introduce the team of the Hunchbacks. I'm sitting there in a room, and Flair had already quit as booker and I was shortly after to follow, but I was still there. I was sitting there in a room, with Jim Barnett, Jim Ross, Jim Herd, Kevin Sullivan, myself, Jody Hamilton, Terry Funk may or may not have been there, and Ole Anderson. So, Jim Herd goes off on this ten minute soliloquy of how he has come up with the greatest idea for a tag team ever, the Hunchbacks. 'They got the big hump on their back, you know, and ya' get 'em in there and ya' can't pin 'em, because they got the hump on their back. So, they are an unbeatable tag team and that's how we'll sell 'em, you can't beat these guys, because they've got humps on their backs.' He was deadly serious, because remember, the Ding Dongs made it to television and that was Herd, so he was deadly serious about this. Finally, Ole let him get it all out of his system, and Ole, bless him, wrestling's cantankerous old man. He says, 'All right, Jim, you book the Hunchbacks, build them up, they're undefeated. Then you book them with me and Arn. As soon as I tag in, I'm going to take one of them down, I'm going to slap an arm bar on him and I'm going to make him submit. He is going to give up. I just beat your unbeatable team.' 'Well, god dammit, Ole, you know what I mean!'. Thankfully, the Hunchbacks did not make their appearance in WCW, but by the time Herd got finished with WCW it wouldn't have really mattered anyway."

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