- According to WrestlingDVDNews.com, there will be over 15 Blu-ray extras on WWE's "Mr. WrestleMania" set for Shawn Michaels that comes out on February 11th. Here they are:


* The Rockers Talk about the Twin Towers, WrestleMania V
* Shawn Michaels Talks with Rhonda Shear, WrestleMania X
* Shawn Michaels with Pamela Anderson, WrestleMania XI
* Shawn Michaels and Sid talk with Nicholas Turturro, WrestleMania XI
* Shawn Michaels Post-Match Interview, WrestleMania XIX
* Shawn Michaels says goodbye backstage, WrestleMania XXVI


* Friends Leaving the Company
* Because You're A Girl
* One Demand for Ric
* The "Flair" Watch?
* Hell To Pay
* At Least The Dude's Got Balls
* End of An Era
* Mr WrestleMania vs. The Streak
* The Shawn Michaels Encore Tour
* WrestleMania Wish List
* Flair Michaels Jericho

- As noted, former WWE star Shelton Benjamin is taking time off to repair an elbow injury that has been bothering him for years. He had surgery on Tuesday and tweeted the following last night:

"Back home recovering from today's surgery. Thank u all 4 the well wishes. now comes the part i hate. taking it easy for a few days"

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