Renee Young filled in for Michael Cole to interview Triple H this week, which you can watch above. Here are some highlights:

- On if Randy Orton made things right this past Monday night on RAW, Triple H said that we'll know when The Royal Rumble pay-per-view is over on Sunday. Despite Orton running off at the end of RAW and being called a coward on social media, he has to defend the title against Cena this Sunday and he can prove he's not a coward.

- Triple H called Brock Lesnar the most amazing and intense athlete he's ever been in the ring with. HHH said that Brock's not used to getting thrown around, and Big Show rises to the occasion of the person he's in the ring with. He said that their match will be very interesting, but either way, it's best for business.

- He said that there is no conspiracy for CM Punk being number one in The Royal Rumble match, and that someone has to go in first every year.Visit Wrestling Inc. He said that CM Punk may not be the luckiest, but if he's the best, then he should have no problem going in first. As to how he'll fare, Triple H replied with a smirk, "he's the best in the world."

- On Batista's return, Triple H said that he's ready to roll and that he made his intentions clear and wants the WWE title. He said it's premature to know if Batista can be the face of WWE since he's been back "for one day" and has to jump through a lot of hoops before he can be in the running.

- Renee pressed Triple H again on if Batista could be the face of WWE if he were to win The Royal Rumble and win the WWE Championship. Visit Wrestling Inc.Triple H finally admitted that "it's not all that hard to imagine" Batista as the face of WWE if he were to do that.

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