WWE NXT Recap: Bo Dallas Banner Raising, CJ Parker Vs. Cesaro, Rusev Vs. Woods, More

Back from commercial and Bo Dallas comes down to the ring. He has been NXT champion for 224 days, making him the longest reigning NXT champion ever.

Dallas thanks the people for his ovation, and says that the crowd's reaction to the champion is why they are celebrating his reign tonight. He says that when the crowd chants let's go Bo, it gives him strength and puts him to bed at night like a warm blanket. He says that tonight, NXT officials have decided to celebrate his reign. He didn't ask for it, but it's a great honor and he accepts. He thanks his third cousin Charles in the audience, his sister's college roommate, and his fifth grade history teach Mrs. Ellie. He thanks all of his Bolievers, and dedicates tonight's banner raising to them.

Dallas signals and a Bo Dallas banner drops down from the ceiling. Adrian Neville comes out and walks down to the ring. Dallas says he's guessing Neville wants to be the first to congratulate him. Neville says no, he has come out to the ring on behalf of everyone there and the whole of the WWE to tell him to shut up. Neville says that Dallas may think he has the privilege to come out and annoy everybody, but he's there to tell him that he's going to take that privilege from around his waist.

Dallas says that Neville already earned a title shot, and he did it by beating a nobody. It took him 4:45 to beat a nobody. Dallas says that he is a champion, and it wouldn't take him that long to beat him, so what Neville is saying is crazy and pointless.

Triple H appears on the screen and says that they both make great points, and that maybe they need him to settle the dispute. He talks about their points, and says he is going to give them both an opportunity to step up. If Adrian Neville can last 4:45 without Bo Dallas beating him, then he will receive an NXT title rematch on the live edition of NXT on February 27th on the WWE Network

Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

Dallas charges Neville. Neville moves. Dallas charges again. Neville moves again. Neville tosses Dallas across the ring. Neville tosses Dallas outside. Dallas grabs Neville and trips him. He pulls Neville outside. Neville slips back inside. He jumps to the apron and kicks Dallas. Dallas pulls the ring skirt, which sends Neville crashing to the floor. Neville gets back in at the ref's nine count. Dallas unloads on Neville with right hands. He hits Neville with a vertical Suplex. Dallas drops a knee on Neville. He elbows Neville in the corner. Dallas hits a body slam. He hits Neville with a trio of back elbows. He goes for a clothesline, but Neville ducks and hits a kick to the leg. Neville lands more kicks. He hits a pair of flying forearms and a dropkick to the head. Neville goes up top, but Dallas rolls out of the ring. Neville drops down into the ring. Dallas gets back in and charges Neville. Neville backdrops him to the outside and then gets out of the other side of the ring. Dallas gives chase as the time expires.

Winner and number one contender: Adrian Neville

After the match, Dallas tries to attack Neville, but Neville sends him into the turnbuckle. Neville goes up top and hits Dallas with the corkscrew shooting star press. He grabs the NXT championship and stands above Dallas as the show ends.

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