Daniel Bryan On WWE Not Seeing Him As A Money Player, Wyatts, Nixed Catchphrase, Rib On Ryback

Source: 97.9 WGRD

As noted earlier, Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Shafee Abraham of 97.9 WGRD in Grand Rapids. It's a great interview which you can watch above. Here are some highlights:

His original idea for a catchphrase:

"It's funny because I did come up with one on the spot, which was 'you either tap or snap.' But apparently, because that's something, I do a lot of grappling and stuff like that, and that's something people have said in the past and everything. But apparently it's copyrighted by somebody, a T-shirt company or something. So I came up with it. Oh, I'm just going to use this. BAM, I got em, and then nope, it doesn't pass copyright code. So now I just say the first word I ever learned, which was yes."

If the chants at Michigan State turned him back face early:

"I honestly don't know. Nobody ever had that discussion with me. So to me, it's interesting. I just go out there and do the best I can. But I think that might have certainly played a part in it. And especially, man, that was awesome, seeing it. So, Titus O'Neil, he had texted me. He said, 'Dude, if you're in your hotel room, you have to turn on SportsCenter.Visit Wrestling Inc. I think they'll replay it in probably about 15 minutes.' And he didn't tell me what it was, but he just told me that I was mentioned. And then I saw it, and they mentioned me and the whole Michigan State basketball thing doing the thing, and I was like wow. That's really cool. And the guy that actually started it, he's going to be coming to the show tonight with three of the guys from, I think, three of the guys from the football team. I don't know if that's true, or if it's just three of his buddies. But he is from the football team, so he's going to be coming. It'll be pretty neat to meet him."

If WWE sees him as a money player:

"I definitely feel that way (that they don't). I don't feel like they ever really, they never aspired for me to be where I'm at. There's certain guys that they see, they see somebody and they say, 'I see money in that guy.' I don't think they ever looked at me and said, 'I see money in that guy.' To this day, even with the loud fan reactions that I get, I feel like the company still doesn't see money in me.Visit Wrestling Inc. That's interesting, because you go out there and you do your best and sometimes it can be very very frustrating. That's probably one of the biggest frustrations of this job, because this is not an objective business. It's not like football, where if you're a running back and you go out there and get five yards a carry every time you get the ball, they're going to keep putting you in because the stats don't lie.

"This is not that. It is, well, he's getting a great crowd reaction, but is he actually selling tickets. And that's the company's bottom line. Well, you need people who are going to sell tickets. So, I can get the crowds to react very loudly, but does that transition into people buying pay per views? Does this transition into this or that? Or, oh, I don't think he's very marketable. He might have a niche appeal, or this or that or whatever. To me, none of that matters. I just go out there and I do my best. And it has been, sometimes it's been frustrating just dealing with the political type stuff because I am not a politician. I never have been. I've never been somebody who's like oh no, you need to do this with me, or you need to do that with me.

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