Views From The Turnbuckle: Royal Rumble Preview, Predictions And More

The kick-off match on the pre-show will have The New Age Outlaws taking on the Rhodes Brothers for the tag team titles. A popular idea is that the Cody and Goldust will lose the titles, launching into a feud that will end up with a match at Wrestlemania. Right now though, I don't really feel like that is such a great idea to do that. I think WWE has gotten a lot more than they expected out of pairing up Goldust and Cody Rhodes, and right now, they are both still very over and they are having really good matches. The time to split them up will come eventually, but right now I think WWE can get more out of them as the tag champions. I think they hold on to the titles Sunday.

I already wrote extensively last week about the Royal Rumble match, but just for a brief recap, I think that Daniel Bryan is the favorite to win it. Many fans are upset that Daniel Bryan has not been announced to be in the Royal Rumble, and that that somehow means that Bryan will not be in the match at all. I found this to be a typical bait by WWE to make it more surprising when Bryan comes out for the match. WWE is getting smarter when it comes to working the hardcore fans, so I wouldn't rule it out that they planned to make it look like Bryan isn't going to be in the Rumble, and to leak the story that Batista is planned to win the Rumble.

I see the Royal Rumble having a few stories develop. I think that Roman Reigns ends up eliminating both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, which will further accelerate the end of the Shield. I think the final four will be Reigns, Bryan, Batista and CM Punk. I think Reigns eliminates Punk, Batista eliminates Reigns, and Bryan eliminates Batista to win the Rumble.

The Royal Rumble is really the only event that guarantees fans that someone will be contending for the world title in two months. Letting someone win the Royal Rumble is the ultimate show of faith for WWE. It shows the talent that WWE believes in them, not just to be a main eventer, but to be a major part at their biggest event of the year.

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