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Impact opens with a video previewing Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode and Sting vs Magnus, with Sting's career in TNA on the line if he loses.

We see Dixie and Spud backstage. Magnus comes in and he shakes hands with an attorney for TNA. Dixie is flustered by the attornery. The lawyer says that he has just gotten off the phone with management and he says that someone over the last few months has been planning a hostile takeover. The lawyer says they are more interested in wrestling operations than business operations. The attorney says he can fix the problem, but they need to cooperate over the short term. These guys want to let Sting have someone in his corner. Magnus says that they agree to that, but that the match must also be a No DQ match. The lawyer says that can happen.

Magnus says that Sting is behind all of this, and Dixie tells him just to go out there and win.

Magnus' music hits and he comes to the ring with Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. Magnus asks if this is the game Sting wants to play? Last week he put his title on the line, with Sting's career as the stakes, but it turns out Sting has been weaseling his way politically back into TNA. He thought Sting was a man?

Sting hits the ring and and says that now Magnus is ready to honor a deal. He reminds Magnus of his deal with AJ Styles? Magnus demands to know how much he paid that investor? Sting says that he doesn't sell out, he doesn't know anything about an investor, he just knows he can pick someone to be in his corner. Magnus says that Sting needs to pin him or make him submit, and he can't do that? Magnus beat Sting at BFG, he made him tap out.

Sting says that he knows that, but he got back on his feet again. He says that he already watched the tape on that match, and he knows everything Magnus is going to do before Magnus does. He calls Magnus a paper champion, who didn't really win anything, and he traded honor for greed. He says that Magnus has lost the respect of everybody.

Magnus slaps Sting, and Sting waits a moment before retaliating with a right hand. Spud and EC3 get him and Magnus leaves the ring. Samoa Joe comes in and clears the ring. Him and Sting are in the ring and Sting introduces Joe as the man who is going to be in his corner tonight. They stand tall in the ring as Magnus and crew go to the back.

Tenay and Tazz run down the nights matches. In addition to the world title match, Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle in a steel cage match, James Storm vs Gunner for the World Title Shot Briefcase and Chris Sabin vs Austin Aries for the X Division Championship.

We get a video package detailing Storm and Gunner's relationship leading up to the match tonight. Gunner then comes down with his briefcase for his match, and we go to commercials. When we come back, Spud is running around backstage and asks Dixie what to do about Joe. Dixie says that they should make sure Joe is not capable of being in his corner. She says he is going to be in a match tonight, against Spud. Spud is flabbergasted, but Dixie encourages him and sends him away.

James Storm comes down for his match. The briefcase is hung on a pole, so I guess this is an on-a-pole match.

Match with TNA World Title Briefcase On a Pole: Gunner vs James Storm

The bell rings and Storm and Gunner each quickly run to the pole, but they are both cut off. They trade blows and Storm hits a flying forearm. He gives Gunner a facebuster but eats a flying clothesline from Gunner. Gunner knocks Storm onto the apron and runs his face into a turnbuckle. Storm fights out and climbs the top rope, but Gunner cuts him off and climbs the ropes. Gunner goes for a superplex, but Storm knocks him down. Gunner fights back up and hits a super-fall-away slam on Storm.

Gunner goes over to the pole, but Storm hooks his leg. Gunner goes for a slingshot suplex, but Storm lands on his feet and hits a lungblower on Gunner. Storm beats downn Gunner some more and signals for the superkick. He goes for the kick, but Gunner counters with a uranage slam. Gunner goes over to the pole and climbs the ropes. Storm stops him on the turnbuckle and meets him up there. Storm punches him a few times and botches a super-hurrancanrana.

Storm climbs up the ropes and has a hand on the briefcase, but Gunner comes up underneath Storm and hits a super-electric chair drop. On the way down, Storm clearly accidentally brought the briefcase down and it falls onto the mat. They scrable for it and Gunner anti-climatically comes up with the case.

Winner and still Briefcase Owner: Gunner

We come back from ads and Angle is backstage. Angle says over the last 4 months, Roode has gotten the best of him. If he doesn't win tonight, he doesn't deserve to be in the TNA HOF.

We see a video of Sabin and Aries fighting over their title match. Velvet Sky will be in a cage outside the ring during the match.

We get a video of Sky talking about her personal life with her boyfriend. She got a package from Sabin, and Sabin sent her a note giving her something to bring to Impact with her. She opens the package and its a lead pipe.

Aries comes down for his match. The cage is at ringside. Sabin comes down with Velvet who has a shopping bag in her hand. Due to some gross incompetence by the referee, she is let into the cage with the bag and locked up. We then go to ads. We come back and the bell rings.

X Division Title Match: Chris Sabin vs Austin Aries

They lock up and Aries locks in a cravat, but Sabin gets in the ropes and smacks Aries and taunts. They lock up again and Aries scores with a right hand and then a hip toss. Aries goes for a trio of quick pins to no avail and locks in the Last Chancery. Sabin makes it to the ropes, but Aries tosses him to the outside.

Aries climbs the second rope, but Sabin cuts him off and sits him down in the tree of woe. Sabin hits a baseball slide into Aries' face, and gets a two count. Sabin knocks him to the outside. Sabin is doing a lot of taunting to the crowd. Sabin suplexes Aries in off the apron for a two count. Sabin tries to toss him out, but Aries lands on the apron and hits some shots on Sabin before coming in and boxing Sabin's ears and hitting a Lionsault for a two count.

Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Sabin counters with a gut kick, and Aries hits a discus forearm and then a dropkick in the corner. Aries goes for the Brainbuster, but Sabin counters and throws Aries face first into the ropes. Sabin goes over to the cage and gets the bag, but there is nothing in it. Sabin is confused and Aries comes off the top and hits a double sledge on Sabin. Sabin brings him in the ring and hits a missile dropkick and then the Brainbuster for the three count.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

The steel cage match is next as we go to ads.

We come back and see a video form the American Wolves. They are talking about Dixie Carter, and they complain about how incompetent Dixie Carter is. They say they don't dance, they dominant. The investor knows what they are doing, and this is the beginning of a new genesis in TNA. Next week, in Glasgow, they will reveal the investor.

We get another video recap of the feud between Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle.

Bobby Roode comes down first for the cage match. Angle comes down after him. If Angle loses this match, he can no longer go into the TNA HOF. We go to ads before Angle enters the ring.

Steel Cage Match: Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle

They lock up and Roode gets the advantage. Angle is able to go behind, but Roode counters and starts to pound on Angle in the corner. Angle fights back, but eats a kick in the face. Roode charges in, but Angle hits a belly-to-belly suplex and then a clothesline. Angle works on Roode in the corner and hits the ten punches. Roode lifts Angle off him in the powerbomb position, and he runs Angle face first into the cage.

Roode snapmares Angle down and hits an elbow drop for a one count. Roode chops away on Angle and comes charging in with a clothesline in the corner. Roode takes his time and hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Roode continues the offense and chokes him on the ropes. Roode ties to powerbomb Angle, bout Angle hits a slingshot into the cage. Roode staggers back, and Angle catches him and hits a trio of german suplexes.

Angle goes for the Angle slam and Roode counters with an arm drag and throws Angle into the cage. Roode hits a rolling spinebuster for a two count. Roode goes for the Roodebomb, but Angle slips out and hits the Angle Slam for a two count. Angle takes the straps down and locks in the ankle lock. Roode gets up on one leg and hits an enzughiri and then hits a back lariat for a two count. Roode gets up to his feet and throws Angle into the cage again. Roode starts to climb out of the cage and he gets to the top rung, but Angle gets up and brings him back in. Both men are on the top rope and they trade blows and ram each others faces into the cage. Roode ends up falling wodn and Angle climbs to the top of the cage.

Angle looks down and then at Roode. Angle scoots over to the corner of the cage and stands up and goes for the moonsault off of the top, but Roode rolled out of the way. Angle had a sick landing on the mat and looks like he may have legit hurt his arm. Roode starts to climb out of the cage door, but Angle drags him back in by the ankle. Roode kicks him off and tries to go for the door again. Roode is really close to getting out, but Angle brings him back in again and locks in the ankle lock.

Roode fights to stay in it and rolls Angle through and Angle lets go and goes into the cage. Roode htis the Roodebomb on Angle, but Kurt kicks out at two. Roode hobbles around and tries to climb out of the cage. Angle meets him at the top turnbuckle and hits a super angle slam off the top. Angle crawls over for the cover, but Roode kicks out at two!

Angle gets up and tries to get out of the cage. Angle is almost over the top, but Roode is there to challenge him. Roode brings him back in, but Angle chops away on the top rope. Roode gets knocked off the rope and crotches himself. Angle scales the rest of the cage while Roode starts to crawl towards the door, but Angle gets out first.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle celebrates outside the cage while Roode rolls around on the outside holding his ankle.

We come back from commercial and see EC3 talking to Spud backstage. EC3 tries to get Spud pumped up for his match. He calls Spud a champion, a man who won British Boot Camp. He calls Spud the British Dream, and he says he sees a blinding rage in Spud's eyes, and he is going to prove all the detractors wrong. He makes him roar like a Lion and makes Spud go crazy.

We see the BroMans in the ring. Jesse says that everyone only Bro's once, so everyone should tweet #YOBRO. They say some more hastags involving the word Bro. Ion gets the mic and hypes them up really good and he declares them the greatest tag champs ever. He says that EY and Joseph Park (#CupcakeEater) are going down.

EY comes down alone, but gets triple teamed by the BroMans. The Abyss music plays and he comes down in full get-up and he clears house. He hits Jesse with a chokeslam and then a black hole slam on Robbie and the Shock Treatment on Ion. Abyss looks at EY in the corner and EY approaches him and Abyss locks on a goozle. EY tries to calm him down while the crowd chants "No". Abyss lets him go and walks away.

We see Joe talking in the back. He says his knee is fine and he has never felt better. He has watched his friend Magnus, become a sell-out. He says he has seen too many battles, and he has had the knife in his back and in his hand. He says he needs to send a message, and the best way to communicate is through pain. He says Spud will be his victim tonight.

We come back from ads and Angle is talking about the upcoming match. He is talking about how Sting is putting too much on the line, and he says he tried to talk him out of it. The cameraman asks Angle what advice he could give him. Angle says that so many people in this company love him, and if they lose him...he can't finish. Angle says he loves him and wishes him the best and hopes he wins. There was clearly a match going on in the background and you could here everything during the segment.

Rockstar Spud comes out alone and looks nervous. Samoa Joe comes out after him.

Samoa Joe vs Rockstar Spud

They have a stare down and Joe turns away to give Spud a free shot. Spud tries to grip his waist, but Joe shirks him off. Spud tries to talk some smack and he hits some strikes that Joe no-sells. Joe chops Spud down hard and goes to work. He facewashes him in the corner and goes for the ole kick, but Spud gets out of the way. Spud comes off the top, but Joe catches him and holds him high over his head but Spud slips out and rakes his eyes. Joe catches him with a uranage slam in the corner. He hits the musclebuster and locks in the rear naked choke and Spud taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe grabs the mic and says tonight, Magnus vs Sting is going to be one on one, and if anyone has a problem with that, they are going to have to go through him.

Sting comes out first. Again, if Sting loses this match, his contract in TNA will not be renewed. Magnus comes out solo. Samoa Joe is out there with Sting. JB introduces the main event.

No Disqualification Match for TNA World Title and Sting's Contract: Magnus vs Sting

They lock up and Sting hits a shoulder knock-down. They lock up again and Magnus has a side-headlock in and he hits a shoulder block of his own. Sting hits a high elbow and Magnus is into the corner. They square up again and Magnus locks in an armbar, but Sting reverses it. Magnus switches it around a gain nicely, but Sting takes him down by the arm. They back off again and Magnus scores with a kick in the guy and puts the boots to Sting on the mat. Sting fights abck and htis some right hands. Sting hits another high elbow and they both charge in and hit stereo clotheslines.

EC3 comes down the ramp, but Joe stops him and gets in his face. We then go to ads. When we come back and Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on Magnus. Bad Influence come down and brawl with Samoa Joe. EC3 comes in and breaks up the hold. Magnus and EC3 double team Sting, but Sting fights them off and clears the ring. Joe hits the suicide dive and takes them all out. Magnus goes for the suplex, but STing counters and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. The ref starts counting, but Zema Ion drags the ref out of the ring.

The BroMans come down and beat down Joe. Sting is in the ring and all the heels come in and beat down Sting. Bad Influence and The BroMans are choking Sting, but Kurt Angle comes down and takes out all the men with suplexes. He hits an angle slam on each member of Bad Influence and clears the ring. Magnus climbs the turnbuckle, but Sting cuts him off and hits a superplex. Sting has the cover but the ref is late sliding in and Magnus kicks out at two.

Sting misses the Stinger splash, and gets the referee. Sting cathces Magnus coming off the top and locks in the Deathlock. Magnus is tapping, but there is no ref. Roode runs down and hits the lariat to the back of Sting's head. Magnus hits a really crappy Emerald Flowsion and goes for the cover. Dixie Carter drags Earl Hebner into the ring and he slowly counts the three count.

Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus and Dixie celebrate in the ring and Dixie has Sting's contract. Magnus takes it and rips it up and throws it on Sting's body and Impact goes off the air.

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