WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: 10 Man Tag Match, Show And Rey Vs. Real Americans, More

Ambrose tags in. He punches Cody in the head several times, and then locks in his head against the ropes. Ambrose slams Cody to the mat. He stomps on Cody's fingers. Ambrose sets Cody up top and clubs his back. Ambrose climbs up, and Cody hits him off with elbows. Rollins tags in. He runs over to Cody and goes up. Cody headbutts him off to the outside. Reigns tags in. He tries to take Cody off, but Cody kicks him away and hits a moonsault. Goldust and James tag in. Goldust has the hot tag. He spinebusters James. Gunn tries to get involved. Goldust hits him with a hurricanrana and clotheslines him outside. Goldust hits James with his scoop powerslam.

Goldust signals for cross Rhodes, but Rollins leaps off the top and takes him out. Langston clotheslines Rollins and picks him up for the Big Ending, but Reigns spears him. One of the Usos Superkicks Reigns. That same Usos tosses Rollins out of the ring. The other Usos goes up top and hits Reigns with a splash. That same Uso tosses Ambrose out of the ring as Reigns rolls outside. The Usos go for a double dive. Gunn grabs and trips one of the Usos, and the other one takes out Rollins and Ambrose. Gunn hits the Uso in the ring with the famouser. Cody hits Gunn with the disaster kick. James hits Cody with a pumphandle slam. Goldust rolls up James, and the Shield breaks up the pin attempt. Everyone starts brawling, and the ref calls for the bell.

No Contest

Everyone continues to fight. More wrestlers run out enter the ring. Punk runs out and joins in the fight as the show ends with everyone brawling.

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