This edition of Impact Wrestling was the second installment of Genesis. On the last episode, Sting convinced TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus to allow the stipulation of him never being able to compete for the title again to be revoked, at the expense of his TNA career.

Gunner vs. James Storm (Feast or Fired Briefcase on a Pole Match)
These former TNA tag team champions have been involved in a pretty good feud with each other, with a game of one-upmanship causing some intense brawls. Gunner winning the match is a good decision, as he has a promising future in TNA and should be a top contender for the world title. Surprisingly, we have not seen a full heel turn yet during this rivalry, and it looks like we may not see it.

Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin
I am a bit puzzled of why the X Division title is being tossed around so much in this feud. It dilutes the purpose of the chase. However, these are two of the best wrestlers in TNA, and they have put on very good matches each time. Surprisingly, TNA did not go with the obvious and have Velvet Sky cost Aries the match, so it should be interesting how this feud continues.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
This was an excellent match. Angle and Roode have put together a very good rivalry, and their match showed that they work very well together. The Hall of Fame stipulation was not very necessary, but it did add an element of Angle winning the match at all costs, I suppose. This feud should not go on very much longer, because this match should have been the culmination, but the series of matches they had the past few months puts this feud in the category of one of the best TNA feuds of all time.

Samoa Joe vs. Rockstar Spud
That match was just demolishing. EC3 said it best...

Sting vs. Magnus
Well, this opens up a big can of worms, so to speak. While it was no surprise that Sting was not going to win the match, it does cause some serious speculation on if (most likely, how soon) we will see Sting in the WWE. His loss to Magnus was a fair enough way to write him off the show and the company, and TNA has high hopes for Magnus. It just seems as if TNA does not have much time to revive the company, though; especially with four veterans (Hogan, Jarrett, AJ, and Sting) leaving the company within a year's time. Magnus leading a company where the other top heels are Rockstar Spud and EC3 is not very promising, but as a wrestling fan, I hope that they succeed. Despite being a distant second place when it comes to wrestling promotions, at least it presents some form of competition.

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