As noted earlier, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins of The Shield spoke to's Glenn Moore this morning to promote tonight's RAW. Here are some highlights from the interview, you can watch it in its entirety above:

- Ambrose said that despite what happened at The Royal Rumble last night, the group is still together and are still best friends. Ambrose said nothing good happens after midnight and nothing good happens at The Royal Rumble.

- When asked if it was cool for people to be chanting for Daniel Bryan during other people's matches, Ambrose said that it was an easy chant to make and that it's fun. Ambrose noted that Bryan has a connection with the audience and people want to see him.

- Rollins said that for anyone who has known Bryan, it's not a surprise that fans are into him, and that he's one of the hardest workers in the business. Rollins said Bryan's connection with the fans is "one of those things you can't describe."

- Ambrose said that Kofi Kingston is like the Undertaker of near-eliminations at The Royal Rumble, and he has a year to figure out his next one. He said that everyone was on the edge of their seat and biting their nails for Kofi's jump last night. Ambrose credited Kofi for having cojones and taking chances.

- Rollins cleared the air and said that he has never gone to the bathroom during a match. He said it happened while they were hiding under the ring to do one of their Shield attacks. Rollins said that they were down there for too long and he had "consumed too much liquid throughout the day" and went in a plastic bottle.

- Rollins said that if they were to triple powerbomb Hulk Hogan, he would probably fall apart into a million pieces. Rollins also said it would be great to deliver a triple powerbomb to Stephanie McMahon, and Ambrose was on board if it delivers ratings.

- Ambrose said that he might be able to deal with The Ultimate Warrior's Hall of Fame speech for a few minutes before it gets old. He says it could be one of those deals where the joke gets old really quickly, or he might be awesome and say some interesting things. Rollins said that he can't wait for the speech.

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