- MTV has an interview with John Cena at this link, who discussing his new 10 week BodyChange weight loss program. During the interview, Cena revealed a code of the WWE locker room.

"Rule number one: don't rib unless you want to be ribbed," Cena said. "If you prank someone, someone is going to get you back. It may not be the person you pranked, because they might not be good at pranks, but we've got our homies. We've got our wolf. We call in another prankster and he'll get you back. So, you got to respect peoples personal space and don't rib unless you want to be ribbed."

- TMZ has an article about Mick Foley calling Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view "a disgrace" at this link.

- AdWeek has an article about the impending launch of the WWE Network. The story noted that others might follow suit if it is successful. However, it added that there is no guarantee for success, and that if "WWE can't convince its fan base to try out single-channel digital distribution, it likely won't bode well for anybody else."

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