Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins appeared on Rover's Morning Glory this past Monday to promote that night's RAW event in Cleveland. Here are some highlights from the interview, you can watch the full appearance above.

- Dean Ambrose teased that Roman Reigns wasn't there because of tension from being eliminated by him at The Royal Rumble.

- The Shield discussed their crazy travel schedule. They said that they are pretty much on the road from Friday - Tuesday, and if they do party, it's after the Tuesday SmackDown tapings.

- Ambrose noted how all three of them had instant chemistry and were all on the same page. He said that that they were three completely different types of competitors, but have great chemistry nonetheless.

- Ambrose noted how great athletes can be horrible in the ring. Ambrose called himself a "pretend athlete," but that really great athletes can get in the ring and look really foolish and make himself look like a great athlete.

- Seth Rollins said that Roman Reigns gets the most women of the group. He said that they each appeal to their own demographics, but that Roman is Fabio with the hair and tattoos.

- Rollins said that the size of wrestlers has changed because styles are different from the '80s. Visit Wrestling Inc.Rollins said that he doesn't want to move the way Hulk Hogan used to, and the action is much faster paced today so it takes a different type of athlete to perform on this level. He said that people today know that you don't have to be huge to be a badass, and cited UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre as an example

- Ambrose said that he is amazed by Antonio Cesaro, who is a friend of theirs, and said that he does something "more and more amazing" every day. Ambrose said that he's freaky strong, and said that he used carry sheep in Switzerland. Visit Wrestling Inc.He said the Cesaro does stuff that will "blow your mind" and never fails to amaze him.

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