Source: PWInsider

- Matt Hardy is one of the few wrestlers to speak out on the CM Punk leaving WWE story so far. He tweeted:

"So Punk allegedly walked out & quit WWE. Interesting. It's impossible 2 understand the toll that job can have on you-unless you've lived it."

"A 'screw you' from Punk? NO. Punk's gotta prioritize his own sanity & health. Sometimes WWE isn't conducive to those two things."

"From my experience- When you're in constant physical pain, frustrated the majority of the time, & resent what u love, things have to change."

- Regarding Jeff Jarrett announcing his new wrestling project, he is giving the impression that his new plans won't be hinted at or officially launched until the hype from WrestleMania XXX season dies down. Jarrett has been playing very coy with people who have asked but has also been taking part in a number of meetings and scouting talents. The belief remains that country music star Toby Keith is involved in the project in some form.

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