Michael Cole was back to interview Triple H for WWE.com, after Renee Young filled in for him last week. Here are some highlights from the interview:

- He turned down Brock Lesnar's requests for matches against Batista and Randy Orton on RAW because both of those men earned their positions (Batista as #1 contender, Orton as champ). If Lesnar wants something, he'll have to earn it. He added that he doesn't well with ultimatums.

- Lesnar was offered an opportunity to qualify for the Elimination Chamber, but Paul Heyman felt that Lesnar was above that. HHH said that Lesnar might not show his face for a little bit, but at the end of the day, Lesnar is "a prize fighter," and that he will return when he feels that the prize is right.

- Triple H chuckled about Lesnar beating down Cody Rhodes and Goldust, but said that they will still receive a rematch for the tag team titles against The New Age Outlaws on RAW in a cage match. Triple H said that should settle the conspiracy theories about the Outlaws being aligned with him.

- On if Triple H booked The Shield in the main event on RAW because he wanted them all in the Elimination Chamber match, Triple H said that Cole needs to get off his conspiracy theories. He said that regardless of who won on RAW, there is only one winner of the Elimination Chamber match and that winner will walk into WrestleMania XXX as champion.

- He confirmed that there will be the remaining two slots for the Elimination Chamber will be filled in on SmackDown this Friday via two qualifying matches. Just a reminder that we have full WWE SmackDown results here.

- He said that the Wyatts costing the Shield a potential slot in the Chamber match was an unfortunate accident and that everyone should move on. He said that The Shield were "fine with it."

- Triple H put over Jake Roberts being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, nothing that he had an "epic controversial career" and an "epic controversial life." He said that Roberts was "rightfully due" for the Hall of Fame.

- Triple H once again plugged the two qualifying Chamber matches on SmackDown and the WWE Tag Team Championship match on RAW, stating that it was what's best for business.

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