Source: PWInsider

- Paul Heyman tweeted the following in response to WWE issuing Brock Lesnar a $10,000 fine for roughing up a referee at the Royal Rumble:

"I have personally paid @WWE's $10,000 fine on behalf of my client @BrockLesnar"

"My client @BrockLesnar offers no apologies to @WWE, has no remorse and can pay $10,000 fines every day."

"My client @BrockLesnar and I do not waive any rights nor remedies in regards to @WWE's unconstitutional fine."

- PWInsider reports that WWE sources indicate CM Punk quitting WWE had nothing to do with Batista personally and it wasn't Batista that caused the decision. It was more a collection of issues including being burnt out, injuries, a difference in what WWE saw as a big push for Punk and what he felt was one, specifically facing Triple H at WrestleMania XXX.

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