Tonight's episode of Main Event opens with R Truth making his entrance. Tom Phillips and Alex Riley are on commentary.

R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio kicks Truth and locks in a side headlock. Del Rio lands a shoulder tackle. Truth comes back with a hip toss. Truth backdrops Del Rio outside. He takes him out with a cross body. Truth tosses Del Rio back inside, and Del Rio dropkicks him in the head. He keeps the attack up on Truth. Del Rio chokes Truth on the rope. Truth comes back with mounted punches in the corner. Truth hits a clothesline. He strikes Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio comes back with a kick to the body. He drives his boot into Truth's head. Del goes up top and takes Truth out. He locks in Truth's head. Del hits a clothesline. Del Rio charges Truth. Truth moves and Del Rio crashes outside again.

Back from commercial and Del Rio drops Truth on the top rope. He locks in Truth's head again. Del Rio lands several headbutts. Truth comes back with some offense. Del drops Truth's arm across his knees. Del Rio sets Truth up on top and hangs him down. He lands several kicks and punches. Del Rio charges, and Truth sits up, sending Del Rio into the turnbuckle. Truth leaps off and hits a missile dropkick. Both men get to their feet at nearly the same time. Truth hits a heel kick. He slams Del Rio face first to the mat for a two count. Del Rio fights out of a Suplex and hits a back stabber. Truth ducks a Superkick attempt and lands a DDT. Truth goes up top and Del Rio hits an enziguri. Truth comes back with a scissors kick.

Truth sets Del Rio up top and slaps him. He climbs up too and goes for a superplex. Del Rio hits Truth into a hanging position and lands his double boot stomp for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Then, several divas are backstage. The Bellas talk trash on Tamina, Alicia Fox, and Aksana. Natalya says her and Tamina are going to have a competitive match. Tamina takes a dig at Natalya's age, and Natalya reminds her that she is older.

Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka (with AJ Lee)

Lee gets on commentary for the match. Snuka tosses her vest at Natalya. She rams her shoulder into Natalya's gut. Snuka slingshots Natalya, but Natalya counters and lands a discus clothesline. Snuka slams Natalya's leg into the apron from the outside. Snuka attacks Natalya's legs. Natalya comes back by slamming her boot into Snuka's face. Snuka wraps Natalya's leg around the bottom rope and stomps it. She snap mares Natalya. Snuka lands a Samoan drop. Natalya ducks a super kick and rolls up Snuka for the win.

Winner: Natalya

AJ Lee immediately attacks Natalya. Snuka hits Natalya with a Superkick. The Funkadactyls run out. They attack Snuka and Lee sneaks out of the ring.

Then, Triple H's weekly interview with Michael Cole is shown. Triple H says that Cody Rhodes and Goldust will get a rematch for the tag titles in a steel cage.

Back from commercial and the RAW Rebound is shown. It recaps what led to the Shield vs. John Cena, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan, and the match itself.

The Usos and Big E. Langston vs. 3MB

Slater and Jey start off. Slater locks in a waist lock. Slater locks in his wrist. Slater locks in a side headlock. Slater lands a flying shoulder tackle. Slater gets tripped, and Jey lands a flying shoulder tackle. Jimmy tags in. He takes it to Slater briefly, but Slater takes him to his corner. Mahal tags in and drives his shoulder into Jimmy's stomach. Jimmy goes for a pin attempt. Jimmy whips Mahal and lands a forearm. Langston tags in. He hits Mahal with several backbreakers. He charges Mahal in the corner. Jey tags in. He hits Mahal with a flying elbow and a clothesline. Jimmy tags in. Mahal breaks free and tags in McIntyre. Langston tags in. Langston flips McIntyre to the mat and backdrops him. McIntyre hits a back elbow. He kicks and chops Langston in the corner.

Langston counters and hits gut shots. McIntyre kicks Langston in the stomach. He hits McIntyre with a running body block that sends him outside. Slater and Mahal get sent out too. The Usos take two of 3MB out with dives, and Langston spears the other one through the ropes as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jey hits McIntyre. McIntyre whips him into the corner and kicks his chest. Slater tags in and stomps Jey. Mahal tags in and drives his boot into Jey's face. He hits Jey with a neckbreaker. Mahal locks in Jey's head. Jey fights out and drops Mahal into the turnbuckle. Jimmy tags in and plants Mahal butt first on the mat. He hits Mahal with a leaping headbutt. McIntyre tags in and Jimmy hits him with a back elbow. Slater tags in and spikes Jimmy's head to the mat. He locks in Jimmy's head from behind. Jimmy fights out, but Slater hits a neckbreaker. McIntyre tags in. He and Slater double team Jimmy.

McIntyre mounts Jimmy and strikes him. Jimmy sends McIntyre to the apron and kicks him. Slater tosses McIntyre in and Mahal tags in. He attacks Jimmy. Mahal chokes Jimmy on the bottom rope. He drops a knee on Jimmy's chest. McIntyre tags in. Jimmy takes both of them out, and Langston and Slater tag in. Langston takes it to everyone. He hits Slater with a belly to belly. Langston hits Slater with the Big Ending, and the Usos hit McIntyre and Mahal with splashes for the win.

Winners: Big E. Langston and the Usos

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