- Dolph Ziggler chimed in on the CM Punk story and said that he's not going anywhere, at least for a year. He tweeted:

"keep voicing your opinions @WWEUniverse but please stop asking me if im going to quit, its annoying i still have a year left"

- Kevin Nash tweeted about Daniel Bryan being left out of the Royal Rumble and CM Punk leaving WWE:

"Bryan wasn't going to win the Rumble. He gets tossed out.His fantastic base would be more upset than him not in it at all..Just my opinion"

"Punks beat up and burned out,works his ass off.Phil is a very smart guy he may just need to decompress."

- Finally, Mick Foley also tweeted about Punk:

"I know that @CMPunk has been frustrated for quite some time. To his great credit, he never let that prevent him from giving less than 100%"

"You're right @trakdown - my message about @CMPunk was a little confusing. Quite simply, be it on PPV, TV or house shows, he ALWAYS gave 100%"

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