- NewsDay.com has an article at this link about Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett staying quiet about their new potential wrestling project. While Jarrett didn't disclose any details about the venture, he did state that he was "making good progress, so stay tuned!"

- Taz will not be at tonight's Impact Wrestling taping in Glasgow, Scotland, but noted on his Twitter that he will be tweeting during tonight's show. Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay will handle announcing duties for tonight.

- BANG Showbiz! has an interview with Kurt Angle, via National Ledger, who was talking about doing some more acting, since he believes that it's the "next chapter" of his career. He said:

"I've done some great movies like 'Warrior' and I did a small part in 'Pain & Gain' and I've done some independent movies. But yeah I'm looking forward to doing more because I believe that's the next chapter of my career ... I want to work with people like Robert DeNiro, but I'm not an actor. What I am is an Olympic gold medallist wrestler that wants to be an actor.

"I think action is my best way in, guys like Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, I think I can hang with them. When you're talking about guys like Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hanks I'm not going to be them, nor will I ever be them. But do I have something valuable that I could bring to the table? Yeah."

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