Views From The Turnbuckle: Breaking Down Roman Reigns

Another big question mark is Reigns' ability to talk on the microphone. Unlike most of the members of his family, Reigns has not been portrayed as a barefoot savage incapable of speaking English, he has more or less been portrayed as a normal guy. Just like his job within The Shield as a wrestler, Reigns is really not asked to do a lot on the microphone. Ambrose is clearly the best talker of the group, and Rollins and Reigns are basically just there to add in a few intimidating threats at the end of their vignettes.

No matter how good you are in the other factors of wrestling, if you can't talk on the microphone, you are not going anywhere in WWE. A main event level wrestler should be able to go back and forth with another wrestler for at least 10 minutes and be entertaining while doing so. If Roman Reigns was capable of being very good on the microphone, the chances are that he would have been given more time on the mic by now.

The good news for Reigns is that microphone ability can be taught and improved on rather quickly. As long as Reigns is well-prepared for his interviews and is given enough support then he should be okay. Reigns seems to have a decent screen presence, so that will also help him a lot.

Reigns has jumped over his fellow Shield members, Ryback, Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler and any other undercard member in WWE. No other wrestler that has never been world champion before is more over right now, and the recent booking of him shows that WWE is committed to making him a main eventer, probably sooner rather than later. Does Reigns have what it takes to be the next big time star in WWE? Or will he end up like another failed main eventer, like Ryback or Alberto Del Rio? Only time will tell for Reigns, but so far he looks to be on the right track.

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