TNA Impact Results With Video: Number One Contender Named, Investor Revealed And More

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Impact opens with a video recapping Dixie Carter's reign and Magnus as champion. They preview the investor being revealed tonight.

We get a recap of Sting losing last week and that he is now gone from Impact Wrestling. TNA is in Glasgow, Scotland.

We go live to a big brawl between Dixie Carter's people and Angle and Joe. Security is holding Angle and Joe back.

Magnus, EC3 and Spud come down to the ring. Magnus gets the mic and insults the Scottish fans. He says that he has some important buisness to take care of. He says the boys in the back are disaapointed that one of their friends is no longer in TNA. The icon Sting has fallen to the reign of Magnus, just like Jeff Hardy and AJ STyles. He says all good things must come to an end, and as promised, he ended him. You see, it isn't show friends, it is show buisness. And this is a business, and in business there is a phrase that they use when they decide to restructure and trim the fat and loose the deadwood. It is known as the thinning of the herd.

Dixie Carter and himself have decided to rid the land of TNA of the dinosaurs that were lumbering around and make way for the new stars of this buisness. The Bromans, the Zema Ions, the Spuds and the world champions, Magnus of this business, which is why he single handily eliminated Sting, Hardy and Styles.

EC3 questions Magnus's claim that he single handily got rid of those guys. Magnus says that, indeed he did do it single handily. Joe and Angle hit the ring and chase Magnus, Spud and EC3 out of the ring. Angle gets a mic and says him and Joe made the trip across the pond to do one thing. To object to not the thinning of the herd, but the screwing of the herd. Magnus didn't beat Sting, he screwed him, and Sting was right, Magnus is just a paper champion.

Magnus says that he better watch his mouth before he says something he might regret. Angle says that the only thing he regrets is letting him into their family, the Main Event Mafia. Angle says they thought he could be a somebody. Magnus says they wanted him because he was a somebody, and now he is champion, and that is killing them. Joe says the only killing them is that he is walking around breathing. Magnus says that if they want a fight, it will be him and EC3 vs Angle and Joe. But if they really want it, they will have to prove it. Magnus says that if they want a shot, they need to agree that if they leave, they will be gone from TNA for good.

Joe says that they should raise the stakes. IF anyone of them pins them or makes them submit, they become the number one contender for the championship. Joe says that he knows these stakes are intense, especially for a paper champion. Magnus agrees to the stakes and they head to the back. Dixie comes out and says that the match is not happening here tonight. Magnus asks if she is trying to tell him what he can and can't do. Dixie says that this can't happen tonight, the new investor is on here tonight, and she can't take the chance of her losing the title to Joe or Kurt. The crowd chants Paper Champion, and Magnus just says that they still have a deal and he will see them in the ring.

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