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Impact opens with a video recapping Dixie Carter's reign and Magnus as champion. They preview the investor being revealed tonight.

We get a recap of Sting losing last week and that he is now gone from Impact Wrestling. TNA is in Glasgow, Scotland.

We go live to a big brawl between Dixie Carter's people and Angle and Joe. Security is holding Angle and Joe back.

Magnus, EC3 and Spud come down to the ring. Magnus gets the mic and insults the Scottish fans. He says that he has some important buisness to take care of. He says the boys in the back are disaapointed that one of their friends is no longer in TNA. The icon Sting has fallen to the reign of Magnus, just like Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles. He says all good things must come to an end, and as promised, he ended him. You see, it isn't show friends, it is show buisness. And this is a business, and in business there is a phrase that they use when they decide to restructure and trim the fat and loose the deadwood. It is known as the thinning of the herd.

Dixie Carter and himself have decided to rid the land of TNA of the dinosaurs that were lumbering around and make way for the new stars of this buisness. The Bromans, the Zema Ions, the Spuds and the world champions, Magnus of this business, which is why he single handily eliminated Sting, Hardy and Styles.

EC3 questions Magnus's claim that he single handily got rid of those guys. Magnus says that, indeed he did do it single handily. Joe and Angle hit the ring and chase Magnus, Spud and EC3 out of the ring. Angle gets a mic and says him and Joe made the trip across the pond to do one thing. To object to not the thinning of the herd, but the screwing of the herd. Magnus didn't beat Sting, he screwed him, and Sting was right, Magnus is just a paper champion.

Magnus says that he better watch his mouth before he says something he might regret. Angle says that the only thing he regrets is letting him into their family, the Main Event Mafia. Angle says they thought he could be a somebody. Magnus says they wanted him because he was a somebody, and now he is champion, and that is killing them. Joe says the only killing them is that he is walking around breathing. Magnus says that if they want a fight, it will be him and EC3 vs Angle and Joe. But if they really want it, they will have to prove it. Magnus says that if they want a shot, they need to agree that if they leave, they will be gone from TNA for good.

Joe says that they should raise the stakes. IF anyone of them pins them or makes them submit, they become the number one contender for the championship. Joe says that he knows these stakes are intense, especially for a paper champion. Magnus agrees to the stakes and they head to the back. Dixie comes out and says that the match is not happening here tonight. Magnus asks if she is trying to tell him what he can and can't do. Dixie says that this can't happen tonight, the new investor is on here tonight, and she can't take the chance of her losing the title to Joe or Kurt. The crowd chants Paper Champion, and Magnus just says that they still have a deal and he will see them in the ring.

A van pulls up that supposedly has the investor in it. Tenay calls it a "limo" when it is just a black windowless van. High comedy.

There is no Tazz here tonight. JB and Tenay are on commentary.

We come back from commercials and the rapist van opens up and the Wolves come out. Davey says that everything will be revealed tonight.

We go to the ring and Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa are in the ring. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne come down for a tag match.

Gail Kim jumps Sky and goes right at Rayne and takes her down as the bell sounds.

Lei'd Tapa and Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

Gail hits a clothesline and gets a two count. She beats on Madison and goes for the crossbody in the corner but misses. Sky comes in and hits a few clotheslines and a running neckbreaker She hits a bulldog and gets a two count. Velvet goes for the pedigree, but Tapa breaks it up. Madison comes in and spears Kim and dropkicks Tapa off the apron. Velvet hits the botox injection and gets the three count.

Winners: Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky

Chris Sabin comes down and orders Madison out of the ring. Sabin says that he has called, texted and tweeted Sky, but she hasn't answered him back. Sabin says that she is his girlfriend, and girlfriends don't ignore him and they don't cost him matches. He questions whether this is because of her hormones, but he says that he will give her one more chance and they can put this all behind the. Sky grabs the mic and says that they are done and leaves the ring. Sabin goes ballistic in the ring.

We see Angle and Joe in the back and Joe says that they took out AJ and Sting, and they are not going out like that. They open a door and they see Roode in the room. Kurt grabs him and we go to ads.

We come back from ads and we see Angle beating on Roode. Angle says that he cost Sting and AJ there jobs, and he is not going to do it again. Roode says that he doesn't regret doing anything. Joe grabs Roode and threatens to kill him, but he won't do it because he wants Roode to "think about it."

James Storm comes down to the ring. He grabs a mic and says that TNA is live in Glasgow Scotland. He says that he has something to say, but just to one man, Gunner. He says that they were friends before he was in TNA, then they become partners and then champions, but sometime along the way, things fell apart. He asks Gunner to come out and he wants to put an end to this right now.

Gunner comes down with his briefcase and he says that they both came to TNA with one goal in mind, to be great. He says that he felt like they did that, as a team and as friends. But it seems like once he got the briefcase, things have kind of blew up. He doesn't know what happended along the way, but he had to make a career decision, one that was for him, his family and he knows James. He said he would do the same thing for his son and his daughter. Now they have traveled the road together, and he tells some war stories about leaving it all on the battlefield.

He says in wrestling, they leave it all here. Just like in the military, he fought beside his friend. James says that he knows all of this and he knows that Gunner is a great man, and he doesn't like taking credit, but he needs to start taking credit, because he has a hell of wrestler. Storm says that all that stuff he said about Gunner being greedy and selfish, he should have been saying that stuff about himself. He apologizes and says that he has his back. They shake hands and Bad Influence come out.

Kaz says that Storm is lying and that Gunner is all beard and no brains, but he shouldn't believe this crap. He says that he knows what Storm's desires, beer, guns and fat women. But he desires the TNA would championship the most. He says that if Gunner thinks that lying scumbag is trustworthy, why doesn't he put that briefcase on the line and if he loses, one of Bad Influence gets his title shot. Gunner clocks Daniels and Tenay says that we have a match, but we then go to ads.

#1 Contenders Briefcase on the line: Bad Influence vs Gunner and James Storm

We come back and Storm and Kaz are in the ring. Storm lights Kaz up in the corner and tags in Gunner. Gunner beats Kaz back into the corner and hits a high elbow and climbs the second rope. Gunner knocks a charging Daniels off the apron, but eats a kick from Kaz. They double team Gunner and hit a springboard elbow/legdrop combo.

Gunner hits a high elbow on Kaz and goes to make the tag but Storm is brawling on the outside with Daniels. KAz takes back control while Daniels and Storm argue on the apron. Gunner has the roll-up, but the ref is distracted but Daniels and Storm. Gunner fights out and tags in Storm. Storm unloads a series of moves on Daniels and hits the enzughiri in the corner and a cross body, but Kaz breaks it up.

Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Daniels backs him into the corner and tags in KAz. KAz missile dropkicks Storm back into his corner and Gunner tags in. Gunner hits a few clotheslines and a slingshot suplex. Storm hits a superkick on Daniels and Gunner hits a flying headbutt for the three count.

Winners: Gunner and James Storm

Dixie is shown in the back arguing with Spud about the investor. Dixie tells Spud to go find out who this person is.

We come back from commercials and we get a video package highlighting all of Joe's biggest moments in TNA. The video hypes up Joe as an unstoppable force.

Dixie is crying on the phone talking to her attorney and he says he has no answers. Roode comes in and says that he wants what she promised him. He wants his World Title Shot at Magnus. She dismisses his claim. He says he did what she asked, he served Sting and AJ up on a silver platter. Roode says she has one week to figure it out, and until then, favors from him are done.

EY is talking to ODB in the back. He says they have a title shot tonight, but ODB questions the reliability of teaming with Abyss. Abyss shows up and says nothing, but he holds up a bag of thumbtacks.

Spud is backstage and says he is going to get answers of who this investor is. He is going to go out to the ring and get answers. We then go to commercials.

We come back and get a recap of Magnus challenging Joe and Angle.

Rockstar Spud comes out to the ring. He rips Scotland and calls them England's B Team. He demands to find out who the investor is, but is drowned out by Scotland chants. He says he wants the Wolves to bring there carcassas in the rings right now and face the chief of staff.

The Wolves come down to the ring in suits. Spud insults their suits and demands to know who the investor is. He says that he has watched some cop shows, and he takes out a flashlight and starts to ask who the investor is. They don't say anything, and Spud starts to get upset. He says that he pushed Hardy off a ladder and beat Samoa Joe within an inch of his life. He says that he is fierce, and a lion. He demands to know and he slaps Davey. Davey and Eddie don't say anything but take their jackets off. They take Spud down and hit the Alarm Clock on Spud. Eddie says that Dixie will find out the identity of the investor at the same time as everyone else. They say he is very interested in the tag match tonight, and if anyone interferes in that match, they will be fired.

We get a recap of the whole EY/Park/Abyss storyline.

Eric Young and Abyss come down for their title match. Instead of the World Tag Team title graphic they show the X Division Titl Graphic. The BroMans with Zema Ion come down next. Zema Ion introduces them as men with physics alone that could impregnate all Scottish women and make all Scottish men question their sexuality. We then go to ads.

World Tag Team Title Match: BroMans vs Eric Young and Abyss

We come back and Eric Young and Robbie start things off. EY hits a flying forearm and Abyss starts chocking Robbie. The ref breaks it up and Jesse comes in and nails EY from behind. Jesse misses a charge into the corner and EY hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Abyss just runs into the ring and starts attacking Jesse, but EY stops to calm him down.

Jesse takes advantage and chokes EY in the corner. He tags in Robbie and Abyss comes in and knocks their heads together. Robbie cuts EY down as the ref berates Abyss and they double team EY. EY hits a splash from the second rope and tags in Jesse who hits a dropkick for a two count. Jesse drops a knee onto EY and gets another two count. Jesse locks in a half-nelson, but EY fights out of it, but Jesse connects with a back elbow and tags in Robbie.

They double team him and exchange tags but EY fights out and tags in Abyss. Abyss hits a few clotheslines and splashes both men in the corner. Abyss goes to chokeslam Ion but the ref stops him for some reason. Abyss then picks the ref up and hits the shock treatment on the ref. EY tries to stop Abyss, but gets a chokeslam from him instead.

Abyss walks to the back. As he is walking, EY gets a mic and says that this is it. This is how he wants it. They only have one experiment left. Does he went to get crazy? He invented crazy. Him and Abyss, one on one, next week, Monsters Ball. Abyss says he is going to hurt EY and heads ot the back while EY smiles in the ring.

We see EE in the back stopping a cameraman from seeing the investor in the van.

We then see Bully Ray wheeling a casket around backstage and then cut to ads.

We come back and see Sam Shaw giving Christy drinks in some condo. Christy stops him and asks if his hand is okay because he had it over a candle. They go upstairs and we get some weird hidden camera thing and then we see some random workshop. Christy asks what it is and Sam Shaw says it is nothing. She leaves and Shaw turns on a light and there are a bunch of posters on the wall of the room. He kisses a poster and shuts the light off. This scene was too weird to accurately describe.

Bully comes down to the ring with the casket. He leaves it on the outside and asks the crowd if they know who he is. He says that he is from New York City. He says that he used to be the president of Aces and 8s, and he used to be the world champion. But one man took that away from him, he took away his club and his colors. This is a man they all seem to love and adore, Ken Anderson. Bully says he has tried to break Anderson's necks, but he keeps coming back, no matter what he does to him, he keeps showing up in his now miserable life. He challenges Anderson to a coffin match, which is the same as a casket match.

Anderson comes out and stares at Bully and the casket. He asks if he heard correctly, that Bully intends to put him in the coffin? Anderson asks what he is going to do after that? Bully says he will piledrive his wife and kids again. Anderson asks him is that what he is going to do? Bully says we would love to piledrive his wife. Anderson says that him and all these people here are tired of him "running his freaking jibbs." Bully isn't going to run his mouth anymore and Anderson is going to put him in the casket. Anderson says his wife and kids say hi and he flips the casket door into his face. They brawl into the ring and Anderson hits the steamroller and hits Bully with a chair several times. Bully leaves the ring while Anderson stands tall in the ring.

We see some really weird video about Kurt Angle being a cyborg. Similar to the Joe video from earlier, it hypes Angle up as being a cyborg.

We see EC3 and Magnus talking in the back. Magnus says he was a born ready, and he notices that EC3 seems nervous. He says he knows EC3 doesn't like him, and he isn't too keen about working with a green rookie tonight. He calls EC3 a spoiled rich kid, and things are about to heat up but Dixie comes in and they both play nice.

We come back from commercials and Magnus and Ethan Carter III come down for their match. Samoa Joe and Angle come out next. Remember, if Angle or Joe win, whoever gets the pin or submission will become the new number one contender. If they lose, they will both be done in TNA.

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs EC3 and Magnus

Angle and EC3 start off. Angle gets a waistlock in, but EC3 reverses it but Angle gets the advantage back and hits a hip toss, then an armdrag and locks in a wristlock and tags in Joe who brawls all over EC3 in the corner. Joe hits a hip block and then an enzughiri in the corner. Snapmare takeover and a slap/kick combo followed up with a knee drop and a tag to Angle. They hit a double shoulder knockdown and Angle goes to work on EC3 in the corner.

Angle hits a snap suplex for a two count. Angle tees off on EC3 again and works him down into the corner. Angle misses a shoulderblock through the corner and EC3 makes the tag to Magnus. We see a shot from backstage and the wolves come out of the van with the investor, whose face is not shown. We then go to ads.

We come back and EC3 and Angle are in the ring and EC3 has a half-nelson choke on EC3. Angle fights up but EC3 hits a big flying clothesline for a two count. Magnus comes in hits a Big European uppercut on Angle. Joe distracts the ref and they double team Angle. EC3 comes in and misses a knee lift and Angle hits a german suplex. Both men are down and the crowd starts screaming for Joe. They each make the tag and Joe goes off.

A few clotheslines, an inverted atomic drop and then a senton, a chop and a snap powerslam. He locks in a cross armbreaker, but EC3 breaks it up. Angle drags EC3 out of the ring and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on the outside. Samoa Joe locks in a rear naked choke and gets the victory.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

Dixie comes down and says she told them this could happen. Samoa Joe is the new number one contender. Joe taunts Magnus and says that he gambled, but the odds have caught up with him. Not only are they staying in TNA for a while, but look into his eyes. He is looking into the eyes of a number one contender. He tapped out tonight, and he better shine his belt son, because sooner rather then later, Joe is going to kill you.

Angle gets the mic and says that it is nights like these that make him proud to be in wrestling. He thanks Glasgow and he says he has been in TNA for 8 years and done it all. He says that this victory and his win last week against Roode ensures that he is back. He says that he is going to be in the TNA Hall of Fame, and to tell the investor to be there.

Dixie says she is tired of hearing about this investor and demands that the investor come out right now. The lights go out and a ticking clock sounds and the Wolves come out. MVP walks out and holds up a chain that says MVP and Tenay says that the new investor is MVP and Impact goes off the air.

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