TNA Impact Results With Video: Number One Contender Named, Investor Revealed And More

A van pulls up that supposedly has the investor in it. Tenay calls it a "limo" when it is just a black windowless van. High comedy.

There is no Tazz here tonight. JB and Tenay are on commentary.

We come back from commercials and the rapist van opens up and the Wolves come out. Davey says that everything will be revealed tonight.

We go to the ring and Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa are in the ring. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne come down for a tag match.

Gail Kim jumps Sky and goes right at Rayne and takes her down as the bell sounds.

Lei'd Tapa and Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

Gail hits a clothesline and gets a two count. She beats on Madison and goes for the crossbody in the corner but misses. Sky comes in and hits a few clotheslines and a running neckbreaker She hits a bulldog and gets a two count. Velvet goes for the pedigree, but Tapa breaks it up. Madison comes in and spears Kim and dropkicks Tapa off the apron. Velvet hits the botox injection and gets the three count.

Winners: Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky

Chris Sabin comes down and orders Madison out of the ring. Sabin says that he has called, texted and tweeted Sky, but she hasn't answered him back. Sabin says that she is his girlfriend, and girlfriends don't ignore him and they don't cost him matches. He questions whether this is because of her hormones, but he says that he will give her one more chance and they can put this all behind the. Sky grabs the mic and says that they are done and leaves the ring. Sabin goes ballistic in the ring.

We see Angle and Joe in the back and Joe says that they took out AJ and Sting, and they are not going out like that. They open a door and they see Roode in the room. Kurt grabs him and we go to ads.

We come back from ads and we see Angle beating on Roode. Angle says that he cost Sting and AJ there jobs, and he is not going to do it again. Roode says that he doesn't regret doing anything. Joe grabs Roode and threatens to kill him, but he won't do it because he wants Roode to "think about it."

James Storm comes down to the ring. He grabs a mic and says that TNA is live in Glasgow Scotland. He says that he has something to say, but just to one man, Gunner. He says that they were friends before he was in TNA, then they become partners and then champions, but sometime along the way, things fell apart. He asks Gunner to come out and he wants to put an end to this right now.

Gunner comes down with his briefcase and he says that they both came to TNA with one goal in mind, to be great. He says that he felt like they did that, as a team and as friends. But it seems like once he got the briefcase, things have kind of blew up. He doesn't know what happended along the way, but he had to make a career decision, one that was for him, his family and he knows James. He said he would do the same thing for his son and his daughter. Now they have traveled the road together, and he tells some war stories about leaving it all on the battlefield.

He says in wrestling, they leave it all here. Just like in the military, he fought beside his friend. James says that he knows all of this and he knows that Gunner is a great man, and he doesn't like taking credit, but he needs to start taking credit, because he has a hell of wrestler. Storm says that all that stuff he said about Gunner being greedy and selfish, he should have been saying that stuff about himself. He apologizes and says that he has his back. They shake hands and Bad Influence come out.

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