TNA Impact Results With Video: Number One Contender Named, Investor Revealed And More

Kaz says that Storm is lying and that Gunner is all beard and no brains, but he shouldn't believe this crap. He says that he knows what Storm's desires, beer, guns and fat women. But he desires the TNA would championship the most. He says that if Gunner thinks that lying scumbag is trustworthy, why doesn't he put that briefcase on the line and if he loses, one of Bad Influence gets his title shot. Gunner clocks Daniels and Tenay says that we have a match, but we then go to ads.

#1 Contenders Briefcase on the line: Bad Influence vs Gunner and James Storm

We come back and Storm and Kaz are in the ring. Storm lights Kaz up in the corner and tags in Gunner. Gunner beats Kaz back into the corner and hits a high elbow and climbs the second rope. Gunner knocks a charging Daniels off the apron, but eats a kick from Kaz. They double team Gunner and hit a springboard elbow/legdrop combo.

Gunner hits a high elbow on Kaz and goes to make the tag but Storm is brawling on the outside with Daniels. KAz takes back control while Daniels and Storm argue on the apron. Gunner has the roll-up, but the ref is distracted but Daniels and Storm. Gunner fights out and tags in Storm. Storm unloads a series of moves on Daniels and hits the enzughiri in the corner and a cross body, but Kaz breaks it up.

Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Daniels backs him into the corner and tags in KAz. KAz missile dropkicks Storm back into his corner and Gunner tags in. Gunner hits a few clotheslines and a slingshot suplex. Storm hits a superkick on Daniels and Gunner hits a flying headbutt for the three count.

Winners: Gunner and James Storm

Dixie is shown in the back arguing with Spud about the investor. Dixie tells Spud to go find out who this person is.

We come back from commercials and we get a video package highlighting all of Joe's biggest moments in TNA. The video hypes up Joe as an unstoppable force.

Dixie is crying on the phone talking to her attorney and he says he has no answers. Roode comes in and says that he wants what she promised him. He wants his World Title Shot at Magnus. She dismisses his claim. He says he did what she asked, he served Sting and AJ up on a silver platter. Roode says she has one week to figure it out, and until then, favors from him are done.

EY is talking to ODB in the back. He says they have a title shot tonight, but ODB questions the reliability of teaming with Abyss. Abyss shows up and says nothing, but he holds up a bag of thumbtacks.

Spud is backstage and says he is going to get answers of who this investor is. He is going to go out to the ring and get answers. We then go to commercials.

We come back and get a recap of Magnus challenging Joe and Angle.

Rockstar Spud comes out to the ring. He rips Scotland and calls them England's B Team. He demands to find out who the investor is, but is drowned out by Scotland chants. He says he wants the Wolves to bring there carcassas in the rings right now and face the chief of staff.

The Wolves come down to the ring in suits. Spud insults their suits and demands to know who the investor is. He says that he has watched some cop shows, and he takes out a flashlight and starts to ask who the investor is. They don't say anything, and Spud starts to get upset. He says that he pushed Hardy off a ladder and beat Samoa Joe within an inch of his life. He says that he is fierce, and a lion. He demands to know and he slaps Davey. Davey and Eddie don't say anything but take their jackets off. They take Spud down and hit the Alarm Clock on Spud. Eddie says that Dixie will find out the identity of the investor at the same time as everyone else. They say he is very interested in the tag match tonight, and if anyone interferes in that match, they will be fired.

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