TNA Impact Results With Video: Number One Contender Named, Investor Revealed And More

We get a recap of the whole EY/Park/Abyss storyline.

Eric Young and Abyss come down for their title match. Instead of the World Tag Team title graphic they show the X Division Titl Graphic. The BroMans with Zema Ion come down next. Zema Ion introduces them as men with physics alone that could impregnate all Scottish women and make all Scottish men question their sexuality. We then go to ads.

World Tag Team Title Match: BroMans vs Eric Young and Abyss

We come back and Eric Young and Robbie start things off. EY hits a flying forearm and Abyss starts chocking Robbie. The ref breaks it up and Jesse comes in and nails EY from behind. Jesse misses a charge into the corner and EY hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Abyss just runs into the ring and starts attacking Jesse, but EY stops to calm him down.

Jesse takes advantage and chokes EY in the corner. He tags in Robbie and Abyss comes in and knocks their heads together. Robbie cuts EY down as the ref berates Abyss and they double team EY. EY hits a splash from the second rope and tags in Jesse who hits a dropkick for a two count. Jesse drops a knee onto EY and gets another two count. Jesse locks in a half-nelson, but EY fights out of it, but Jesse connects with a back elbow and tags in Robbie.

They double team him and exchange tags but EY fights out and tags in Abyss. Abyss hits a few clotheslines and splashes both men in the corner. Abyss goes to chokeslam Ion but the ref stops him for some reason. Abyss then picks the ref up and hits the shock treatment on the ref. EY tries to stop Abyss, but gets a chokeslam from him instead.

Abyss walks to the back. As he is walking, EY gets a mic and says that this is it. This is how he wants it. They only have one experiment left. Does he went to get crazy? He invented crazy. Him and Abyss, one on one, next week, Monsters Ball. Abyss says he is going to hurt EY and heads ot the back while EY smiles in the ring.

We see EE in the back stopping a cameraman from seeing the investor in the van.

We then see Bully Ray wheeling a casket around backstage and then cut to ads.

We come back and see Sam Shaw giving Christy drinks in some condo. Christy stops him and asks if his hand is okay because he had it over a candle. They go upstairs and we get some weird hidden camera thing and then we see some random workshop. Christy asks what it is and Sam Shaw says it is nothing. She leaves and Shaw turns on a light and there are a bunch of posters on the wall of the room. He kisses a poster and shuts the light off. This scene was too weird to accurately describe.

Bully comes down to the ring with the casket. He leaves it on the outside and asks the crowd if they know who he is. He says that he is from New York City. He says that he used to be the president of Aces and 8s, and he used to be the world champion. But one man took that away from him, he took away his club and his colors. This is a man they all seem to love and adore, Ken Anderson. Bully says he has tried to break Anderson's necks, but he keeps coming back, no matter what he does to him, he keeps showing up in his now miserable life. He challenges Anderson to a coffin match, which is the same as a casket match.

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