TNA Impact Results With Video: Number One Contender Named, Investor Revealed And More

Anderson comes out and stares at Bully and the casket. He asks if he heard correctly, that Bully intends to put him in the coffin? Anderson asks what he is going to do after that? Bully says he will piledrive his wife and kids again. Anderson asks him is that what he is going to do? Bully says we would love to piledrive his wife. Anderson says that him and all these people here are tired of him "running his freaking jibbs." Bully isn't going to run his mouth anymore and Anderson is going to put him in the casket. Anderson says his wife and kids say hi and he flips the casket door into his face. They brawl into the ring and Anderson hits the steamroller and hits Bully with a chair several times. Bully leaves the ring while Anderson stands tall in the ring.

We see some really weird video about Kurt Angle being a cyborg. Similar to the Joe video from earlier, it hypes Angle up as being a cyborg.

We see EC3 and Magnus talking in the back. Magnus says he was a born ready, and he notices that EC3 seems nervous. He says he knows EC3 doesn't like him, and he isn't too keen about working with a green rookie tonight. He calls EC3 a spoiled rich kid, and things are about to heat up but Dixie comes in and they both play nice.

We come back from commercials and Magnus and Ethan Carter III come down for their match. Samoa Joe and Angle come out next. Remember, if Angle or Joe win, whoever gets the pin or submission will become the new number one contender. If they lose, they will both be done in TNA.

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs EC3 and Magnus

Angle and EC3 start off. Angle gets a waistlock in, but EC3 reverses it but Angle gets the advantage back and hits a hip toss, then an armdrag and locks in a wristlock and tags in Joe who brawls all over EC3 in the corner. Joe hits a hip block and then an enzughiri in the corner. Snapmare takeover and a slap/kick combo followed up with a knee drop and a tag to Angle. They hit a double shoulder knockdown and Angle goes to work on EC3 in the corner.

Angle hits a snap suplex for a two count. Angle tees off on EC3 again and works him down into the corner. Angle misses a shoulderblock through the corner and EC3 makes the tag to Magnus. We see a shot from backstage and the wolves come out of the van with the investor, whose face is not shown. We then go to ads.

We come back and EC3 and Angle are in the ring and EC3 has a half-nelson choke on EC3. Angle fights up but EC3 hits a big flying clothesline for a two count. Magnus comes in hits a big european uppercut on Angle. Joe distracts the ref and they double team Angle. EC3 comes in and misses a knee lift and Angle hits a german suplex. Both men are down and the crowd starts screaming for Joe. They each make the tag and Joe goes off.

A few clotheslines, an inverted atomic drop and then a senton, a chop and a snap powerslam. He locks in a cross armbreaker, but EC3 breaks it up. Angle drags EC3 out of the ring and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on the outside. Samoa Joe locks in a rear naked choke and gets the victory.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

Dixie comes down and says she told them this could happen. Samoa Joe is the new number one contender. Joe taunts Magnus and says that he gambled, but the odds have caught up with him. Not only are they staying in TNA for a while, but look into his eyes. He is looking into the eyes of a number one contender. He tapped out tonight, and he better shine his belt son, because sooner rather then later, Joe is going to kill you.

Angle gets the mic and says that it is nights like these that make him proud to be in wrestling. He thanks Glasgow and he says he has been in TNA for 8 years and done it all. He says that this victory and his win last week against Roode ensures that he is back. He says that he is going to be in the TNA Hall of Fame, and to tell the investor to be there.

Dixie says she is tired of hearing about this investor and demands that the investor come out right now. The lights go out and a ticking clock sounds and the Wolves come out. MVP walks out and holds up a chain that says MVP and Tenay says that the new investor is MVP and Impact goes off the air.

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