As noted earlier, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show last night. It was a pretty great appearance, here are some highlights:

- Austin was asked about CM Punk quitting, which you can watch above. Austin said that "the word on the street" is that CM Punk quitting WWE is real. He brought up how he once quit over creative differences, and that he lost a lot of money.

"To see him [Punk], I just think that he was backed into a corner, he got a little frustrated and he took his ball and went home," Austin said. "I think one of two things will happen. I think Vince [McMahon] will fly out to Chicago or wherever he is, work some Jedi mind trick and convince him to come back, or maybe he will think through the process - and he's got a lot of years left in the tank - and never leave money on the table when you can go ahead and make that money."

Austin called Punk a "good friend," but noted that the bills will keep coming and that he likes to think that he will come back. Austin admitted that Punk is a "hard headed" young man, so nothing's for sure. He said that it was bad timing because it's WrestleMania season.

- He said that it took about three years to get wrestling out of his system, but when he's in front of a crowd like Arsenio's, it gives him a flashback. Austin brought up The Ultimate Warrior flipping furniture on Arsenio's show back in the day, and said that either Arsenio was scared, or he was a damn good actor.

- Austin talked about the WWE Network, and said that there will be 100,000 hours of content and will include pay-per-views, which is "a hell of a way to save a working man some duckets." Arsenio credited Austin for being a big part of why the Network is happening, but Austin said he had nothing to do with it other than being on top during one of the hottest periods in the business.

- Arsenio mentioned seeing Austin at a charity benefit and noted that Austin was good with kids. Austin admitted that he liked kids. Austin later asked to do the Bieber intervention camera, since he likes kids. Austin told Bieber to smarten up or else he'll put his foot up his ass. He and Arsenio then reminisced on getting ass whippings from their parents when they were kids.

- Arsenio asked about UFC President Dana White calling Vince a maniac on his show earlier this week (video). Austin joked that he's always said that, just with a little more salt and pepper. He put over Vince's vision and work ethic, but said that "he's crazy as hell, in a good way."

- Austin said that he's growing out his goatee for a new project, and hacked off two month's growth to attend the WWE Network announcement earlier this month. Arsenio brought up his own goatee, and Austin joked that it "was cute," which got a huge pop.

- Austin plugged his podcast. He said that it's just entertainment, and that he keeps away from politics, religion and divisive topics.

- Austin talked about cutting an effective promo, and said that you have to mean what you're saying. Arsenio joked about Barry Manilow jumping on his back at the Grammys. Austin said with Punk just leaving WWE, how about Arsenio vs. Barry Manilow at WrestleMania 30? Austin helped Arsenio cut a promo on Manilow, which you can check out below:

- Arsenio closed the segment by asking Austin to cut a promo of his own. Austin proceeded to cut a promo on a Prius driver who threw a cigarette out of his car:

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