- WWE Corporate posted the following today:

"WWE (NYSE: WWE) today announced the opening of its newest international office located in Mexico City and the appointment of Rodrigo Fernandez as General Manager, WWE Mexico. The opening of a Mexico City office is part of WWE's strategic approach to localize its business in key international markets and to deepen its connection with fans and business partners."

- Diamond Dallas Page will be appearing on the February 21st episode of ABC's Shark Tank to pitch DDPYoga in an attempt to get investors to invest.

- WWE is still selling CM Punk's merchandise at this weekend's live events, according to fans in attendance tonight.

- NXT's Lana and Alexander Rusev made their SmackDown debuts in a promo on tonight's show. Rusev spoke in Bulgarian and Lana said, "Rusev hits. Rusev crush!" That appears to be their new catchphrase as it was re-tweeted by WWE. Rusev said that the Rusev Legacy begins now.

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