Dolph Ziggler cut, in my opinion, one of the best WWE promos in a while for an interview on the WWE App, which you can check out here. It would really be a shame if they didn't air the promo on RAW. In some ways, it reminded me of one of my favorite wrestling promos of all time which was the promo below when Randy Savage was in ICW. It took a basic wrestling angle and combined intensity, reality and emotion in a way that you don't really see anymore.

Ziggler talked about how he was a winner his whole life, and noted that he had the "it factor." He then went on to lose it.

"Every night, EVERY NIGHT, I deliver," Ziggler screamed. "And what do I get for it? Hey, don't be so good. Hey, you're doing this right, you're doing this wrong. You know what? I've seen Monday Night RAW, I've seen Friday Night SmackDown. I know what's right and what's wrong, and if everyone's in my head telling me what's wrong, I KNOW that I am right! Everything I do is to become better, the BEST! EVER!

"I'm not going to stop until I reach that point, and I don't know if I can continue doing this. I've been told I'm a loser, I've been told I suck. I've been told I'm not tall enough, I've been told I'm too loud, I've been told I run my mouth backstage. You know why I run my mouth? Because if one person - ONE PERSON! - outdoes me in this business in any aspect, in the back, in the ring, in my house, I DON'T CARE! I WILL NOT BE OUTDONE!"

I hope I didn't build it up too much, but it's really worth checking out, you can watch it on by clicking here.

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