Justin Credible Talks Vince Getting His Wish, TNA Not Being Relevant, Scott Hall ESPN Incident, More

"TNA is barely relevant. I've said it before, I was a horrible critic of TNA, but I stand by it because they are totally the sh#ts. I've worked for them. They've had a hell of an opportunity, and quite frankly, as long as they are around, they still do have an opportunity. But they squander it around every corner."

The difference in being a fan in the 1980's as opposed to today and how that affects the business:

"With the times changing, and they have changed, frankly, when we grew up watching wrestling, in the mid 80's, late 80's, early 90's, the Hulk Hogan era, you bought wrestling magazines, you watched the TV shows. You would have to go to live events to see some of the champions even wrestle. So, you very rarely got to meet them, up close and personal, and if you did, it was like meeting a Hollywood star. It was the biggest deal, or at least for real wrestling fans it was. I still believe that rings true to some degree today, but today in our business, it's changed. So whether promoters or wrestlers as a whole, with the internet smart marks, dirt sheets, I mean, I'm all for certain things. You have to progress. YouTube shows are just available, 24/7, on demand content. It's just the whole game has changed.

"Like, I'm sitting here at a table signing autographs for three or four hours. Fans just walk by and say, 'hey, that's Justin Credible,' like it's no big deal, whereas years ago, if I saw S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones, nothing against S.D., but he was a lesser name, but that was a big deal for me, much less to see a guy like Ted DiBiase or Greg Valentine, or Roddy Piper. So, I think that has changed, the way we perceive these guys. I think the curtain, it's like the Wizard of Oz, where you can see behind the curtain, but it's almost too much. The thing that makes us superstars. it's almost too much. It's like they feel that they are you, instead of looking up to you. it's cool, but then, why should I buy a ticket to see you? Why should I buy your merchandise?...Sometimes, I think it does us more harm than good."

Performers he has worked with that he still feels get looked at by fans in as "old school" and as larger than life personalities:

"Very few guys have the cache to bring that. For me, only a few guys stand out that do it. Sabu, always does, because he just looks like a killer. Terry Funk, for some reason, just transcends that. But for some reason, some guys just don't."

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