First of all, I must say that the crowd in Glascow, Scotland looked really good. I understand that the majority of the TNA roster's families are in the United States, but the UK crowds this time, as well as the previous ones, make TNA look like a legitimate competitor. In addition, the partnership with the Great Muta and Wrestle-1 could spawn a large Japan following as well. Dixie maybe want to consider having more events and pay-per-views outside of the United States.

Now, on with the show.

Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim/Lei'D Tapa
I can not pinpoint exactly what it is, but the Knockouts division has become quite boring and uninteresting. The ODB/Gail Kim feud was the last decent feud, but honestly, Taryn Terrell/Gail Kim was surprisingly even better than that. Something needs to change quickly in that division to revive it, whether it is bringing new, or bringing back, more women athletes (Ivelisse Velez, Daizee Haze, Taylor Wilde, MsChif). The break-up after the match hopefully will lead to something more, but it does not appear that way.

James Storm/Gunner vs. Bad Influence
From the amend-making moment before the match (which was very poignant), either TNA decided to cease the feud between the two, or we are en route to seeing a pretty big heel turn by one of them. Still, my guess would be James Storm, and TNA may just be buying time until Gunner cashes in the case in the near future (when is anyone going to cash in his case, by the way?). The match itself was good, but Bad Influence just may (unfortunately) continue to be used as a jobber tag team.

Bro Mans vs. Eric Young/Abyss
Welp, looks like no more Joseph Park. If so, that was rather abrupt, but necessary in many people's view. Speaking of abrupt, similar to this apparent Abyss heel turn that we are supposed to buy into the notion that he is uncontrollable. Weeks and weeks of a storyline, just to get a chokeslam from Abyss to Eric Young. Whatever logic makes the most sense, at least it is going to set up a good Monster's Ball match on the next episode.

Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle vs. Magnus/EC3
What is the purpose of EC3 nowadays? From debuting at the biggest TNA pay-per-view of the year and touting about an undefeated streak, to being Magnus' lackey. Not a very boastful transition. However, the decision to make Samoa Joe the number one contender seemed to be initiated a few weeks ago, but is now official. This is a very good decision, and long overdue. Like I have said before, they have a good backstory (former tag team champs), so the build has the potential to be pretty solid.

The TNA Investor Is Revealed
No surprise, here. Admittedly, MVP & The Wolves make a good rebel group. TNA is already doing a good job in how Richards & Edwards are being booked, and I definitely see a tag title run sooner than later. MVP makes a good fit in TNA, and hopefully this will be the start of a revived company.

Sound off with your thoughts of MVP being the TNA Investor below.

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