- As noted earlier, Kurt Angle talked to Scott Felstead last week from Google HQ in London about TNA, WWE, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, CM Punk and more, which you can watch the interview above. During the interview, Angle said that he thinks that he will wrestle CM Punk and Daniel Bryan one day, and noted that he was excited to be entered into the TNA Hall of Fame in London.

- Angle did a lot more media for the TNA tour in the U.K., including an interview with Amplified here, and The Weight Lifting Podcast at this link.

- Bret Hart will be touring the UK from March 21 - March 25, while Shawn Michaels will be participating in two Q&As on April 28 and April 29. You can get more information about both tours by clicking here.

- Mick Foley will be taking his Tales from Wrestling Past Tour for two shows at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada on February 19th. The 7pm show is sold out, while tickets for the 10:30 show are available here. The Winnipeg Sun has an interview with Foley about the shows at this link, and Foley said that he plans to get some laughs at Chris Jericho's expense, who is from Winnipeg.

"He and I have a very friendly rivalry," Foley said. "I never once defeated him during my career -- a fact he made obvious dozens of times during the course of his last book, so I have to win moral victories on stage over him."

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