Gunner Talks WWE Network And Future Of PPVs, If AJ Styles Will Return To TNA, Hulk Hogan, D'Lo, More

It gives me an opportunity, which I've always enjoyed even in the independents when I was at Anarchy, to wrestle with different styles of wrestlers. You have all have all scenarios of people who can do anything. I mean, he's great. You have Bobby Roode who wrestles in a different style. You have Chris Sabin and it gives us, as big guys, an opportunity to be very diverse in what we do and, I think, better ourselves. Learning different styles is something I've always tried to pride myself on, whether or not it's high-flying.

Of course, I'm not going to come off the top rope unless maybe it's with an elbow drop, but it's good to know those different styles are at work, like a Japanese style or a Lucha style or a Big Man style. The wrestling business is totally different now than it was, say, in the '90s when two big guys were just duking it out. I think it's really a good opportunity for all of us to just step up our game.

TNA pushing younger talent:

I think it's going to be a good change. You named guys like EC3 and the newer guys that may be coming in, but you still have the Kurt Angles and the Jeff Hardys and veterans that are in the position to help younger guys, like myself, out and not only learn more, but see if I can obviously handle the pressure of being in that main event spot.

I think it's a good change for Impact because TNA has always been that company since day one with the younger guys, like A.J. Styles and Chris Daniels and all these guys. TNA has always been about different, new, and young talent. For a while there, it kind of got away from that I feel. Dixie tweeted about it as you mentioned and I think that it's a good spot to be in.

I mean, I'm 32-years-old and, obviously, I want to be the next superstar of Impact Wrestling and I you can only do so much until they give you that platform to perform on. So, with that being said and 2014 being a new year, they are looking for the new face of the company. There have been a lot of changes, but I think the new face of the company is something different and new and something that the fans can latch on to.

The fans want to see different stuff. They don't want to see the same guys year in and year out doing the same stuff all the time. WWE always has new, fresh guys coming in and changing the product and I think that Dixie and the company in general are going to give us younger guys an opportunity to really stand out and see what we can do.

TNA going on the road for Impact and returning to Orlando:

Going on the road was a big jump for a younger company. I talked to Earl Hebner a lot about the early days in WWF when he started and the venues that they would run and events would run smaller places also. He didn't jump right into these big arenas unless he was running the big syndicated TV program or big event or something like that. I think that TNA, being 11 years old, is really a baby company right now, as far as that aspect goes.

I think that us running smaller venues is a good thing because we can fill these really small venues. By bringing the crowd into smaller venues, they seem like they want to be a part of the show. When we were on the road, the arenas were hit or miss and the Orlando thing was always wide open. The place was always usually packed.

We're doing spot TV's, I know, throughout the year of 2014 and on the road. So, some are going to be in Orlando and some are going to be on the road. That way it is saving money and not so much money is forked out. We're doing a series of TV tours in the U.K. which is always great because we're like rockstars over there. Who you are and what you do they give it their all.

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