Thanks to readers Jason Grimm ( @GrimmsonMask ) and Robert Pannell for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Kansas City, MO:

From Jason Grimm ( @GrimmsonMask ):

The following are the results of today's WWE Live event in Kansas City. The event took place at 1pm CST due to the Super Bowl being at 5:30pm. The show lasted a little over 2 1/2 hours and was about 3/4 full. The floor and cheap seats were completely full, but the mid-level seats (which is what my girlfriend and I had) were about 1/2 full.

Like most house shows, it was noticeably filled with kids many wearing John Cena gear. A lot of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk gear as well.

Here are the results:

- Randy Orton came out first, saying that he injured John Cena's eye last night in Orlando and that he won't be there today, even though he was advertised for it. He said that anyone who wants a refund because of him not being there can get one at the box office before the second match, which makes me believe that he was telling the truth, but Cena was probably just getting his eye checked out instead of doing the house show and I'm willing to bet we'll see him on RAW.

Daniel Bryan comes out, saying that Orton needs an opponent for the night then, and Bryan challenges Orton to a cage match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Orton tries to sucker punch him, but Bryan gets the better of him, dropkicks him out of the ring, grabs the belts, and starts the YES! chant.

* Big E Langston & Mark Henry def. Curtis Axel & Ryback via pinfall. Axel & Ryback worked Big E over through most of the match, though Big E got the upper hand a couple of times. Mark Henry got the hot tag at the end and ran through Axel & Ryback in the last couple of minutes and winning with the pin.

* Alexander Rusev def. Zack Ryder via submission. There was about a 3 minute long video introducing Alexander Rusev to the crowd, before his music hit and he came out (without Lana). Rusev dominated in the beginning of the match, until he got distracted by a USA! chant, where Ryder took over with a nice offensive. In the end, Rusev was able to finish Ryder with the camel clutch.

There was a text to vote for the type of match that Tamina & Natayla would have between a Diva's match or a Diva danceoff. The Diva's match won by a close 53% to 47%.

* Natalya def. Tamina via submission. Not a bad match. Tamina ripped up the sign of a guy in the first row, who was an obvious plant, because he had several signs in a bag to bring out in appropriate times and interacted with a lot of the wrestlers before, during, and after the matches. Emma was also in the front row and Tamina confronted her, tossing her #EMMAtaining sign. Natalya ended up winning with the Sharpshooter.

* Bray Wyatt def. The Miz via pinfall. This was another good match. Both Bray and Miz looked good. As someone who is not a big Miz fan, I was impressed with his ringwork. Bray wins after he hits Sister Abigail on the Miz and the pinfall.


After Intermission, Damien Sandow comes out to a plethora of boos and he tells everyone to "Shut up!" and that he's going back to the back, restarting his music, and when he comes out, he expects a bigger applause. When he came back out, people were standing and booing louder. I love Sandow, dude's awesome!

* Kofi Kingston def. Damien Sandow via pinfall. Very good back and forth match, Kofi ends up hitting the Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall and win. After Sandow leaves, Kofi is still in the ring and very tired; Wade Barrett comes out, who says he has some "bad news" for Kofi. Barrett is going to have a match with Kofi right now!

* Kofi Kingston def. Wade Barrett via pinfall. Barrett goes to work on Kofi and takes command on the match. About 5 minutes into it, Kofi was able to sneak an SOS on Barrett and get the pinfall on him. Kofi wins again! Barrett throws a temper tantrum.

* Sheamus & Usos def. The Shield. The Usos along with Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns were in the match for most of it. Seth Rollins was goofing off a lot during the match, which was funny to watch. Match ends when Sheamus gets the hot tag and eliminates all of the members of the shield with a little help from The Usos toward the end of it. Sheamus with the Brogue kick on Dean Ambrose, the pinfall, and the win. Sheamus and The Usos play to the crowd.

* Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan (for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship) in a steel cage. A great back and forth cage match between the two. They took turns climbing the cage and the other taking them down. At the end, Brayn was about to head out the cage door, until all 3 Wyatts came out and Erick Rowan slams the cage door on Bryan's head. Orton hits the RKO, gets the pinfall, and the win.

After the match, the cage rises and Orton leaves. The Wyatts bring in a chair to beat down Daniel Bryan, but Bryan gets the upper hand and was able to get the chair, until the numbers game got the better of him and he was being beaten down. Then The Usos & Sheamus came down to Bryan's rescue and they got The Wyatts out of the ring. At the end, Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and Sheamus played to the crowd. Bryan got a rotation of a YES!, Uce!, O!, and Brogue! chant going to close out the show.

My girlfriend is a huge CM Punk fan and we got tickets before this past RAW when we found out that he left, but we still enjoyed the show. They were still selling CM Punk merchandise, so we picked up a Punk hoodie for the lady. I noticed that it was mainly Cena & Punk stuff being sold. Some Bryan stuff, but they didn't have his maroon YES! YES! YES! shirts for sale, which is what I wanted. Guess I'll just get it from their website.

Biggest pops:

Daniel Bryan (the 1st time he showed up)
Zack Ryder
Kofi Kingston
The Miz

Most heat:

Randy Orton (though, there were some cheers for him, too)
The Wyatts
The Shield
Alexander Rusev (surprisingly, he got a nice reaction coming down the aisle)

From Robert Pannell:

Pre-show Fan vote for Special Divas Match; Choice A: dance off, Choice B: match.

The show starts with Justin Roberts as the announcer. Randy Orton comes out says John Cena was injured in their match last night. He busted Cena's eye and therefore hopes that Cena will never see again. Orton tells the crowd if they want refunds they are giving them up until the second match. Since Cena is not going to be there, Orton says he is going to grabs some divas and some beer and go back to the hotel and watch the Super Bowl.

Daniel Bryan comes, out says these fans want to see a championship match and why not do it in a steel cage. Orton and Bryan exchange blows. Bryan gets the better of Orton. The main event is Randy Orton v. Daniel Bryan in a steel cage. Biggest news is that there is no John Cena.

Curtis Axel & Ryback v. Big E Langston & Mark Henry

I was surprised to see Mark Henry. He came out with a wrapped elbow. Henry sold the elbow. Good comedy in this match. Big E Started against Curtis Axel. Mark Henry was tagged after a couple of lock ups and Axel immediately tagged in Ryback. Mark Henry roughed up Ryback. Ryback then goes for the tag and Axel jumps for the apron claiming he had a tight hamstring. Later in the match Ryback pulled a extended suplex hold on Big E. There were some Goldberg chants. Mark Henry got the hot tag. Henry slams and pins Axel to go over.

Zack Ryder v. Alexander Rusev

Awesome to see Rusev on the house show circuit, don't be surprised if he isn't on Raw and Smackdown in the coming weeks. However, no Lana which is very disappointing. Some viscous headbutts on Ryder. Pretty much a squash match for Ryder. Some USA chants. Rusev goes over with the Accolade (camel clutch)

Tamina Snuka v. Natalya

The fans voted 53% to 47% for a Divas match over a dance off. Thank God! Tamina comes out and rips up a guys sign at ringside. Tamina had some good heat. She performed real well as a heel and worked the match superbly.She was really into being a heel. Emma was in the crowd at ringside during the match, Tamina grabbed Emma's sign and threw it. Natalia took a solid bump outside the ring. Natalia goes over with sharpshooter. Both Tamina and Natalia worked well together. Hope to see this matchup more often.

The Miz v. Bray Wyatt

Miz working Babyface. The Wyatt family originally scheduled to take on Daniel Bryan came out. Bray took on Miz. Nothing special hear usual Bray stuff. He didn't work as well as his past few matches on TV. Miz worked hard, he took some good bumps outside the ring and a shot into the steel steps. Bray goes over with Sister Abigail.Luke and Eric were pretty reserved in this match.


Damien Sandow v. Kofi Kingston

Sandow came out to boos. He came out with a mic and requested the crowd to cheer as he went back through the curtain and restart his music. He came back out to boos. Big pop for Kofi. Kofi over.

Wade Barrett v. Kofi Kingston

Bad news Barrett came out with some bad news for Kofi and roughed him up a bit, but Kofi goes over with SOS. Super Kofi, he beats two men in one day just after going over Randy Orton a couple of weeks ago and his super jump from ringside to the ring at the Rumble.

Sheamus & Usos v. The Shield

Sheamus & Roman show down. Seth takes Bro punches. Nothing really special. Usos are over with the kids I would be surprised if they are not champions soon. but as we know that doesn't matter anymore. Nice shield / Uso chant. Adult for the shield and kids for the Usos. Roman did his apron drop kick to one of the Usos. Sheamus gets hot tag. s--t goes crazy. Bro kick to Ambrose. Sheamus pins Ambrose.

The cage descends...

Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title: Daniel Bryan v. Randy Orton

Nothing really special. Once again, it's hard to see a cage match without some color. Orton gave Bryan a superplex. Bryan got the better of Orton and was heading to the door and Bray Wyatt was waiting at ringside to slam the door in his face. Orton hits the RKO and pins Bryan for the win. Orton must have the Wyatts in his pocket.

The cage raises. The Wyatts start in on Bryan. Sheamus and the Usos come out for the save. Bro Kicks come Bryan kicks to Bray and the Wyatts are gone. The Show closes with the Usos, Bryan and Sheamus trading chants.

The "Yes!" chants weren't that hot, and there was not one CM Punk chant. John Cena's merchandise was over more than anything else. WWE merchandise stands suck. They were selling Goldberg DVDs for $10, and that was it for the videos and not one action figure. They could make a ton if they had some variety. Just seemed half ass.

The crowd was pretty sparse, but it was 1pm start on Super Bowl Sunday. It maybe a while before we see a major show in Kansas City again.

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