WWE Live Event Results From Kansas City (2/2): Cena A No Show, Daniel Bryan Gets Title Shot

* Kofi Kingston def. Damien Sandow via pinfall. Very good back and forth match, Kofi ends up hitting the Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall and win. After Sandow leaves, Kofi is still in the ring and very tired; Wade Barrett comes out, who says he has some "bad news" for Kofi. Barrett is going to have a match with Kofi right now!

* Kofi Kingston def. Wade Barrett via pinfall. Barrett goes to work on Kofi and takes command on the match. About 5 minutes into it, Kofi was able to sneak an SOS on Barrett and get the pinfall on him. Kofi wins again! Barrett throws a temper tantrum.

* Sheamus & Usos def. The Shield. The Usos along with Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns were in the match for most of it. Seth Rollins was goofing off a lot during the match, which was funny to watch. Match ends when Sheamus gets the hot tag and eliminates all of the members of the shield with a little help from The Usos toward the end of it. Sheamus with the Brogue kick on Dean Ambrose, the pinfall, and the win. Sheamus and The Usos play to the crowd.

* Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan (for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship) in a steel cage. A great back and forth cage match between the two. They took turns climbing the cage and the other taking them down. At the end, Brayn was about to head out the cage door, until all 3 Wyatts came out and Erick Rowan slams the cage door on Bryan's head. Orton hits the RKO, gets the pinfall, and the win.

After the match, the cage rises and Orton leaves. The Wyatts bring in a chair to beat down Daniel Bryan, but Bryan gets the upper hand and was able to get the chair, until the numbers game got the better of him and he was being beaten down. Then The Usos & Sheamus came down to Bryan's rescue and they got The Wyatts out of the ring. At the end, Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and Sheamus played to the crowd. Bryan got a rotation of a YES!, Uce!, O!, and Brogue! chant going to close out the show.

My girlfriend is a huge CM Punk fan and we got tickets before this past RAW when we found out that he left, but we still enjoyed the show. They were still selling CM Punk merchandise, so we picked up a Punk hoodie for the lady. I noticed that it was mainly Cena & Punk stuff being sold. Some Bryan stuff, but they didn't have his maroon YES! YES! YES! shirts for sale, which is what I wanted. Guess I'll just get it from their website.

Biggest pops:

Daniel Bryan (the 1st time he showed up)
Zack Ryder
Kofi Kingston
The Miz

Most heat:

Randy Orton (though, there were some cheers for him, too)
The Wyatts
The Shield
Alexander Rusev (surprisingly, he got a nice reaction coming down the aisle)

From Robert Pannell:

Pre-show Fan vote for Special Divas Match; Choice A: dance off, Choice B: match.

The show starts with Justin Roberts as the announcer. Randy Orton comes out says John Cena was injured in their match last night. He busted Cena's eye and therefore hopes that Cena will never see again. Orton tells the crowd if they want refunds they are giving them up until the second match. Since Cena is not going to be there, Orton says he is going to grabs some divas and some beer and go back to the hotel and watch the Super Bowl.

Daniel Bryan comes, out says these fans want to see a championship match and why not do it in a steel cage. Orton and Bryan exchange blows. Bryan gets the better of Orton. The main event is Randy Orton v. Daniel Bryan in a steel cage. Biggest news is that there is no John Cena.

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