Source: PWInsider

- Beginning with the February 2014 issue, WWE Kids Magazine has a new look and new features. Issues now come with cardstock playsets to cut out and create, full-page posters, foldable figures and more. Subscriptions are 10 issues for $19.95. More information is available at this link.

- History Channel producer Kevin Burns told the VOC Nation Radio Network that he doesn't believe the WWE Network will be a huge success. He was asked if he thinks internet programming will replace what we know as cable TV today. He replied:

"Yes and no. In my lifetime, I've seen a greater and greater democratation of programming. With YouTube and Facebook, everyone is becoming their own writer and producer. The challenge is in supporting 24 hours a day. It takes a tremendous commitment. People want varied programming. Some people will watch wrestling 24 hours a day, but not enough people will support it (to make it a huge success)."

- WWE has started beta-testing the WWE Network privately in-house to get any bugs out before it goes live later this month.

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