Michael Cole conducted his latest interview with Triple H for WWE.com today. Here are some highlights:

- Cole asked Triple H why Kane, as Director of Operations, interfered in Daniel Bryan's match on RAW. HHH asked why Bryan attacked Kane, and said that Kane defended himself. He said that he doesn't micromanage Kane, and doesn't know why he was out there. He lets Kane do his job, and there will be an internal investigation to determine if Kane made a mistake. Triple H denied that Kane was sent out as retribution for Bryan defeating Randy Orton, and that Kane simply defended himself after being attacked by another Superstar. After their investigation, they will determine if any punishment will need to be dealt on "either side."

- Bryan was "stellar" on RAW, while he expected Orton to have a better performance. Orton is having to face the other participants in the Elimination Chamber because Orton can sometimes be a child and can lack confidence, despite being as good as he is. He said that he sometimes needs to be the adult and force Orton to prove to himself how good he is. He said that he is expecting big things from Orton when he faces Christian on SmackDown, and that it's his job to make talent better and reach their full potential.

- Orton has a lot to prove against Christian on SmackDown, and he will face probably his biggest challenge on RAW this Monday night when he faces John Cena. Triple H called it an "epic main event," and another opportunity for Orton to show why he's the face of the WWE.

- The end of the interview featured a spoof of U.S. Representative Michael Grimm threatening a reporter after the State of the Union last week, with Triple H telling Cole, "don't do that sh-t to me, don't ask me that sh-t." If you don't know about the Grimm story where he threatened a TV reporter, you can check it out below:

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