- El Tabador, the animated lucha libre wrestler who stars in Koodo Mobile TV ads (like the one above), is headed to Hollywood. Former WWE senior executive Carl Demarco is creating a family TV sitcom aimed at a global audience that will place a CGI-animated El Tabador in live action scenes.

"El Tabador's character is a natural not only for a TV sitcom, but also for any digital platform," says Camillion Corp. Chairman and CEO Carl Demarco. "He has global, cross-cultural appeal, with humour and charm that will play as well globally as it does with Canadians."

- As noted earlier, The Sandman was one of several celebrities challenging George Zimmerman for a celebrity boxing match. Sandman lost out on his bid, as DMX is slated to fight Zimmerman in a boxing ring on March 1st, although a contract has yet to be signed.

- As noted earlier, The Rock recently noted during a Twitter Q&A that he had a meeting with the CEO of Warner Bros. about working with DC Comics in 2014. Rumors then began floating that Rock is in talks to play John Stewart, the African-American Green Lantern who is expected to replace Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan in the superhero's next on-screen appearance. IGN has an article about it here, based on The Rock posting on his Instagram, "#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss"

The Rock replied on Twitter:

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