Impact Recap With Video: MVP And Dixie Meet Face To Face, Young Vs. Abyss In Monster's Ball, More

Impact Recap With Video: MVP And Dixie Meet Face To Face, Young Vs. Abyss In Monster's Ball, More

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Tonight's episode of Impact opens with a recap of the events leading to MVP being revealed as the investor. MVP and the Wolves are shown arriving at the arena. Then, Eric Young and Abyss are shown fighting backstage.

Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay are on commentary.

Monster's Ball Match
Eric Young vs. Abyss

Young is firmly in charge of Abyss. They fight to the ramp. Abyss clubs Young in the back. Abyss strikes Young down to the ring. Young picks up a pipe and clubs Abyss in the back with it. He hits Abyss in the stomach and back, and then tosses the pipe away. Abyss backdrops Young to the floor. Abyss flips up the apron and pulls out a table. He sets it up. Abyss signals for a chokeslam, but Young hits elbows to the head. Abyss tosses Young into the ring and throws a chair in after him. He dumps a bunch of weapons in the ring from a trashcan, and then goes to enter the ring. Young kicks Abyss through the ropes, and then hits him with a suicide dive. Young tries to take Abyss's mask off, but Abyss stops him.

Abyss slams Young face first into the apron. Abyss gets in the ring and grabs a chair. He sets it up in the corner as Young climbs the turnbuckle behind him. He leaps off, and Abyss catches him. Abyss hits a clothesline. Abyss brings another chair into the ring and sets it on Young. Abyss goes to drop on Young, but Young turns the chair sideways. Young hits multiple strikes. Abyss whips Young to the apron. Young goes up top and lands a missile dropkick. Abyss sends Young head first into the chair he set up in the corner. Abyss hits a chokeslam and gets a near pin fall.

Abyss exits the ring and lifts up the apron. He pulls out a sack of tacks. Abyss dumps them all over the mat. He grabs Young and sets him up top. Abyss climbs up for a superplex. Young fights back and sunset flips Abyss into the tacks. Young picks up a handful of tacks and puts them in his mouth. He spits them all over Abyss and then goes up top. Abyss hits him off, and Young crashes through the table he set up earlier. Abyss tosses Young back inside and goes for the pin, but Young puts his foot on the rope. Abyss goes back under the ring and pulls out Janice. Young pulls off Abyss's mask. Abyss tosses Janice away and hits the black hole slam for the win.

Winner: Abyss

Abyss looks all confused. He picks up his mask and a broken piece of glass and stares at his face. Abyss shakes his head no and drops the glass.

Then, Bobby Roode approaches Dixie Carter backstage with a contract for a match against Magnus for the title. He asks her to sign it, and she says she can't. Things have changed. She says she's not in control like she has been. Roode doesn't care, and keeps asking her to sign it. She says Joe is the number one contender. She says she'll book him in a match against Joe, and if he wins then he can have Magnus at Lockdown. Roode doesn't want to do it. He tells Dixie that if it's a set up it's going to come back to bite her in the butt.

Back from commercial and MVP comes out to the ring. He picks up a mic and cuts a promo about where he's been and that he's come to TNA to make a change.

Rockstar Spud interrupts MVP and asks him to meet Dixie Carter and introduce himself to her backstage. MVP reveals that he has scheduled a match pitting Magnus against Kurt Angle in a non-title match.

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