WrestlingINC.com reader Josh T. sent in the video above and these notes from AJ Lee's Q&A panel at Comic-Con this past Friday:

- Prior to AJ making her entrance, the host (@MoLightning) nicely told us not to ask any questions involving a certain someone (CM Punk) and his departure. One of the fans told AJ, "if you see Phillip, tell him we love him," which was the only CM Punk related statement I heard during the the actual Q&A (I was there from start to finish).

- Someone asked is she likes "flappy bird" and she had no clue what that was. The fan told her it was a game/app.

- Someone asked her something about the NXT Divas, and she said that she would like to see them become champion one day.

- She talked about why she got into wrestling, and said that her brother got her started with wrestling. He would always watch it, and she would join him. She also talked about looking up to Lita, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly and Victoria.

- When asked about her neck tattoo, she said her family is big on tattoos.

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