Source: The Sweet Science

Michael Woods of The Sweet Science has an article about the upcoming WWE Network, and if the model would work for boxing. In the article, Woods asked Top Rank founder and CEO Bob Arum about the Network.

"Maybe because of the nature of the wrestling, it can be implemented," Arum said. "But boxing, the fights are legitimate, and all that, so it's difficult. But I think Vince may be on to something... It's interesting to see how that develops. I wouldn't sell Vince short on anything. But then again, I'm not convinced that it works."

Arum also questioned how the model would work for boxing.

"If you charge ten bucks for a boxing channel, you're still going to have some middlemen," Arum noted. "For example, how are you going to collect the money? Credit cards? A percentage goes to the credit card company."

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