- As noted earlier, Naomi suffered an eye injury during her match with Aksana on last Monday's RAW. WWE.com reports that Naomi is expected to miss ring time, and a follow up will be done later this week to determine if surgery will be needed. More information about a timetable for her return should be available by the end of the week. WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann said that Naomi had increasing swelling and pain, which prompted her to get a CAT scan.

"The CAT scan result showed a small, minimally displaced fracture of the eye socket or orbit on the medial wall, which is the inside part of the socket next to the nose," said Amann. "She is being followed closely and the swelling is being controlled at this point with oral medication."

- MAXPreps.com has an article here about Paul VI high school doing the Daniel Bryan "yes!" chant before their game against Bishop O'Connell high school last Thursday.

- BANG Showbiz, via STV, spoke with Brie Bella about reality TV and appearing on Total Divas with Daniel Bryan. Brie admitted that filming the series was difficult at first.

"When we started 'Total Divas' it was really hard at first, because you notice the cameras," Brie said. "But after around two weeks we just totally didn't them. My sister is very loud and funny, and as you can see I'm much quieter than her and so is Daniel. He would just be at our house, staring at the crew and would say, 'We don't live an exciting life, is this fun for you guys? Because we don't know if this is fun.' They were like, 'This is great, pretend we're not here, don't talk to us.' Now we're so used to it, we'll say things and then we'll look at each other and be like, 'Gosh, did they catch that?'"

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